$150K in Guaranteed Tournament Bonuses

There are at least between $150K to $250k in prize monies that are available as guaranteed tournament money at Betonline Casino. The recent casino news from this online site shows how players can take advantage of online tournaments to participate for money.

Why Guaranteed Prizes

Some players have reached the limit and become frustrated in the amount of hours they can play without being successful in other online casino tournaments. This can be quite frustrating when playing casino tournaments for a long time at other casino sites. However, Betonline has tried to rectify this situation players faced online by offering guaranteed money to players who win the tournaments held here. This represents a real chance at winning for many.

Player Tournament Terms and Conditions

Players have an opportunity of up to $250,000 amount which is held over as prize money for different tournaments that occur within the same month. There is a fixed amount to enter each of the tournaments. The amount won will depend on each individual game and conditions. A whole lot of tournaments will have a specific wagering amount to be met and a minimum amount to deposit to play. Playing for the up to $250,000 online tournament is also only allowed on one account per person at Betonline Casino.