Special Monthly Bonus

A special monthly high roller bonus is part of the casino offering as stated in BetOnline News. This promotion is valid in the casino section of the online site. The bonuses for the play is calculated using the amount of action. For example, it is a bonus that is based on the total wagers per each player that he or she makes while in the casino. Keep in mind that this high roller bonus does not affect the mobile or the live casino areas.

Bonus Examples

To see an example of the bonus, if a player makes a wager of $75,000 to 150,000, he or she can expect to receive $50 bonus. However this amount rises to $250 bonus if the player makes a wager between $250,000 to 500,000 in casino action. The highest amount that a player can receive that has a monthly special bonus for high rollers is $1000 and the bonus is for those players that are able to have casino action of up to $1,000,000.

Wagering Requirements

According to Betonline, if there are wagering requirements of up to at least 50 times rollover for each game. But this does not include or apply to games such as Blackjack Roulette or Mobile games. People must be matched and wait for completion of wagering requirements for each bonus applied to a casino account before a new bonus is issued.

The great thing about the special high roller bonus is no special registration is required. If the player is able to achieve such casino action tomorrow, they will just have to contact customer service to apply their bonus. In the event that the bonus is not used in three months, the management of the casino will have the right to cancel the bonus if the full portion is still available.