Mobile Poker

American players wanting to enjoy online casinos and poker games can truly say the struggle has been real for them. Some players have found an online poker room which accepts Americans, and other players have found online casinos for Americans which do the same. However, a large percentage of the online poker websites still do not accept Americans. For example, the big online poker websites such as PokerStars and Full Tilt do not accept players from the United States.

New Rules, New Reasons

The reasons for this has been the result of the new rules in place that declared poker to be a form of Internet gambling. Those who enacted this legislation do not see online poker as a game involving having the necessary skills, but rather just a type of online gambling. Some poker players decided to move away from online poker altogether, especially when many of the poker rooms would not accept them or close down. Even Bovada Casino preferred to sell their online USA poker platform to Ignition Casino. This has been the choice of many online poker websites who would rather just sell or close down rather than deal with the hassles of trying to convince the powers that about the level of skill involved in poker. This might point to the reason there has been a surge in the amount of players enjoying placing a wager on fantasy sports. Some poker players migrate over to the fantasy football "camp" as they were no longer accepted on online poker sites because they lived in the USA. However, not everyone has been happy and accepting of the fact that some online poker sites have closed while some fantasy sports betting places has remained open. Keep in mind that Ignition Casino still offers games such as Texas Hold'em using a mobile device.

USA players should not feel alone and think they are the only ones this is happening to. Players in other countries such as Columbia, Russia and Australia have experienced regulations either banning or restricting their use of online poker. This was accomplished by banning specific poker websites or banning the banking industry and payment processors from having anything to do with USA online poker websites. In some cases, it has been a combination of both. Either way, citizens in these countries have found themselves with little to no options.

A Way Out

Since the banking industry and some of the payment processors have stopped associating with the online poker industry, there had to be a way to deposit and withdraw to player accounts in a way which was both fast, anonymous and user-friendly. This is where bitcoin comes in. Bitcoin currency has made it possible to players, especially those in the United States to once again enjoy online poker games - now using mobile devices. The use of Bitcoin cryptocurrency and a mobile device for online poker games is fast becoming the perfect combination to once again be able to play online poker. Players in the United States would not have to be concerned about the government cracking down on them, and they can have fast transactions into and out of their player accounts. Currently, it is the Nitrogen Sports site which offers online poker rooms using real money. These poker games are played on a mobile device, and there is even the opportunity to play multiple poker tables at the same time. Players can enjoy sit-n-go and poker tournaments using a mobile phone or tablet.

The Future

There is a lot to look forward to how this all plays out in the online poker industry. There have been big announcements recently about two big sites offering mobile USA poker rooms for players this coming year. Both BetOnline Casino and Americas Cardroom have announced they will now offer mobile poker. This is ideal as online poker for USA players, which can be played on mobile software such as iOS, Android and Nokia. These mobile poker sites will use regular payment processors such as credit cards and bank wire transfer. American players will also be able to use cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Litecoin to keep their transactions private. There is indeed a bright future ahead for the online mobile poker industry.