Battle Mania

Battle Mania is the new game that the online casino industry is also talking about. This is actually not a slots game, but rather a role-playing game is also known as an RPG. the game involves using various skills to move and progress through various levels. There are even items to collect and you can play as part of a team.

Gameplay for BattleMania

One of the things players will see they are able to do is join a team. It is not just about joining any team as each team will have varying characteristics. There are different risk levels for each of these teams. For example, being part of a red team will give lower wins. However, the red team will have chances at the highest prizes. This is in contrast to choosing a blue team which gives a chance at more wins, but the prizes for the blue teams are smaller to medium in size. Heroes of Light, Champions of Balance, and Island Guardians are the teams to choose from.

The game also has islands where gameplay will occur. There are roughly four to five islands and each island will have a different bonus feature. The Forest Island will be open from the beginning of the game, and players will have to collect items such as stones to be able to play on the other islands. It is possible to receive these items to unlock islands during the bonus rounds and at the end of each round in the game. Once enough stones are collected to open all the islands, these items will disappear.

Game Facts

Players will be able to choose a character in the game to represent them during gameplay. There are up to 15 different characters to select from. It is essential to look at the skill of each character before selecting it and joining a team. The game will grant up to five bonus features to play through while on the islands. Some examples of these bonus features include Boss Fight Forest, Villains Wave, Free Battles Desert, Lava Stone Pick, etc. There is also a special bonus event occurring on Treasure Island which occurs every 12 hours of gameplay. This Event Treasure will give 25% extra for wins with the chance of winning up to 1000x.

Try Battle Mania Online

Players who are curious enough to see and try Battle Mania from themselves can do so at a participating casino online.