Online Casinos Accepting Zelle Deposits

Zelle is a payment option for online casino players to consider. Zelle online casinos are a payment option that many banks within the United States use, and it can help make it easier to deposit to an online casino.

The History of Zelle

Not everyone is aware that Zelle first started off as the online payment website called Clearxchange. It began in 2011 and would allow users to send payments back and forth as long as they had a registered account. Clearxchange was bought by Early Warning Services, LLC, and the name was changed to Zelle. Early Warning Services LLC is a company that consists of major banks, so the technology for Zelle became integrated into the banking system. More than 45 banks have partnered to use it. More than $1 billion payments have been sent using this payment method. Today Zelle is used around the country to pay for goods and services. It is also available to make online casino payments. To make payments with Zelle, someone will need to register using the Zelle payment system. It does require an email address, and players will need to give their cell phone number.

More people have come to use Zelle because it offers faster speeds and also small to no fees. Someone who is sending an online payment can only send it to a receiver that has a Zelle account. It is used for payments to be sent in the United States.

Zelle and Online Casino Payments

Zelle allows players to digitally transfer money to be used as a deposit to play casino games. The online casino will provide instructions on how to use the transfer service to send money to the casino account in this way. Mobile and cell phone users can download the app from Google Play or the App Store for Apple users.

After the app is installed, money can be sent from a bank account in the United States to another individual or business with a Zelle account. The receiver does not need to have the mobile app to receive money. This is all done through the Zelle Pay network and does require a United States bank account to get started. The website for Zelle Pay will show which banks are supported. Players will use this payment option to buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin and send it to an online casino.

Making a Zelle Deposit

Players want to know how to get started with Zelle to make a casino deposit. This is an easy process:

  • It first starts with registering an account with an online casino that will use Zelle.
  • Players will then need to sign up if they have not already done so.
  • The next step is for them to log into their casino wallet and navigate to the Cashier section.
  • Casino players can then choose Zelle to make a deposit.
  • From this point, follow the prompts or instructions given by the casino to deposit money from Zelle into the casino wallet.

Usually, the transactions will be processed in a very short time, and the money quickly available in the casino account to begin playing.

Casino Banking and Zelle

Currently, most banks will not have added fees to use Zelle. However, it might be that an online casino may charge an additional small fee. This is usually a percentage of the transaction. Payments can be found inside the player's casino account within 24 hours so it is considered a fast payment option.

The Benefits of Using Zelle

There are numerous reasons players have chosen to use Zelle as a payment option:

  • Very convenient option
  • Fast transfers.
  • No additional fees.
  • Fraud Protection.
  • Use to purchase cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

Vouchers and Zelle

For casino banking, Zelle may be used to purchase vouchers that can be deposited into a casino such as Cafe Casino or Bovada that accepts them. Players will not only have the opportunity to use these vouchers to deposit and withdraw the vouchers may also be bought by or sold to other players and Zelle can be used to receive payment.

Zelle MatchPay

Another option to send or receive money is through Zell MatchPay. This is more of a third-party option and anyone can send money from one account to another. The difference with this as compared to Zelle Vouchers is that the process is automated and can be used to deposit with casinos such as Bovada.

Final Thoughts

Zelle is a quick way to transfer money that is supported by all major banks in the United States. Players will have access to responsive customer support and can use this payment option to purchase crypto and then deposit this crypto into their online casino account. Players will discover that it offers many options through vouchers and MatchPay to move money into and out of their online accounts.