Mobile Video Poker

The use of mobile technology still continues to be one of the greatest inventions of our century. The technology allows anyone with a mobile device to be able to get the stock market, monitor their home security, and play games. At one time, playing games involved sitting in front of a large desktop computer or a laptop. Now players can enjoy games anywhere. This is an added benefit for everyone who enjoys casino games. Each day more online casinos are offering mobile casino versions or mobile games to attract and retain players. Now it is possible to sit back and play mobile video poker games with just a few swipes of the touchscreen.

Getting Started

Getting started with how to play mobile video poker is not difficult, and it is actually quite easy and straightforward. Poker players will need to have a suitable mobile device such a smartphone or tablet. They will also need a way to access mobile poker game. This is usually done using a mobile Internet browser. Some of the mobile casinos do offer a mobile casino app that has video poker games to wager on and play. Examples of mobile devices which may be used for these games include Windows mobile phones, Blackberry, iPads, iPhones, and Android. It will also be essential to have a good Internet connection. This can be through a data connection on your device or WiFi at home. The last thing you would want is to have Internet trouble with a winning hand.

Compatible Software

Mobile casinos will do their part to make sure their websites are optimized for gameplay, and secure for your transactions. You will need to do your part to check that the software you are using is compatible to play video poker games. As stated, the mobile devices will mainly need to be compatible with iOS Safari or Android operating systems. It is essential to have your device updated with the latest version the casino supports for gameplay. Also check to make sure your security software is also up to date. You can contact the mobile casino to see if they have other recommendations.

Top Android Video Poker Online

If you are someone who owns an Android device, you will soon understand the delight of being able to take part in video poker games using your mobile devices. This is a chance to play the best video poker with either a phone, tablet or both. Poker players will only need to have access to the browser on the device, and from there they can navigate to the mobile casino and sign in to begin playing poker games. Android can be found on many devices as an operating system, so it is no surprise that there are lots of mobile casinos which are compatible with it. Players will also not have just one or two games to choose from, but will have a selection of games to enjoy at least one each day of the week. Android mobile video poker includes games such as Jacks or Better, Double Poker, Multi-Hand Poker, and Bonus Poker. Many players will also discover they can download the Android app for many mobile casinos. Players will still be able to wager on their favorite games anywhere without having to sacrifice quality.

Video Poker on iPhones

When the iPhone was created by Apple, it might not have been on the company's mind to use this device for mobile poker. However, the creation of the iOS operating system and the Safari Internet browser makes it very easy to do so. In the beginning, it was used for answering emails, sending messages or going on social media, but today the iPhone is a handy tool for online casino games. You will only have to make sure your phone is updated and search for a mobile casino that is optimized for iPhones. If you are already a member of a mobile casino, just log in and away you go. Enjoy games such as Deuces Wild, Double Double or Tens or Better.

iPad Mobile Games

The iPad is another device from Apple, and it is also very useful to play mobile video poker. Not only is it useful, but this device makes the experience fun. Players can enjoy a bigger screen as compared to using a smartphone. The iPad is a well-known gadget that is small enough to be taken anywhere. You can play games on train rides, while on a plane or when waiting at the doctor’s office. The special features of these devices make them very popular with poker players. These poker games will also offer easy to enter tournaments and bonuses. Games such as Aces and Faces, Loose Deuces, and Deuces and Joker are accessible.

Mobile Video Poker Tournaments

Mobile devices are not just for playing poker games. They can also be used to redeem poker bonuses or take part in tournaments. Mobile poker tournaments take the ability to use these devices to the next level of fun. You will only need to sign into the mobile casino and navigate to the promotions or tournaments page to see what tournaments are offered to play. In some cases, the casino might send out a newsletter or an email announcing an upcoming or current mobile video poker tournament. A compatible device will be all that is needed, and you can begin. Keep in mind there are some free tournaments that will award and prize, and there are also tournaments with a buy-in for higher prizes. Just play and watch as you climb up the leaderboard.