Get Your Bonus and Play Fire Dragon Slots

Players can look forward to a fun time this month with the launch of the latest Jackie Chan movie-inspired slots called "Fire Dragon". This is based on the original Chinese movie called Huo Yun Chuan Qi which was later called Fire Dragon.

Huo Yun Chuan Qi was created by Jackie Chan before he became famous in Hollywood. This Hong Kong actor is well known for amazing martial arts stunts and movies and sense of humor. During this 1994 movie, Jackie Chan is a part of the group chosen during war-time to grab a secret file from the enemy. He must travel to the Island of Women Warriors with the Fire Dragon resides. It is no surprise that Realtime Gaming has used this as the inspiration for Fire Dragon Slots. This is an action slot game for those looking for hot gaming action and plenty of it.

About Fire Dragon Slots

Fire Dragon Slots offers 20 paylines and five reels to play on. Players will see that the symbols represent clips from the actual movie with lots of opportunities to spin the reels. Some of the symbols include a ninja mask, Wild, etc. The ninja mask is the scattered symbol, and Jackie Chan is the wild substitute. The bonus features will reward 10 free spins and the top jackpot is up to 50,000 coins. The free spins may be retriggered. There is a random progressive jackpot to be won.

Enjoy Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon online slots will be one of the latest releases of Jackie Chan inspired movie slots. It will join other Kung Fu theme slots such as Fantasy Mission Force Slots and Eagle Shadow Fist Slots . Players will be able to enjoy this Kung-Fu slots at Springbok Casino .