Play Let ‘Em Ride For Real Money

Online players looking for something new to try will be able to do so with the latest offering from Slots.LV Casino called Let ‘Em Ride poker. This is a special type of poker game that gives players a chance to not only win money but also have fun doing so. They will be able to make wagers and continue to play until they are able to last until the very end. Anyone who is new to the Let ‘Em Ride game will be happy to know that it does have a special jackpot, and players will enjoy that it is a progressive jackpot. It is just a matter of having the right hand to trigger the jackpot. Here are some ways to play Let ‘Em Ride at Slots.LV Casino.

Getting Started

Let 'Em Ride is a unique type of poker game that is similar to other games such as Caribbean Stud Poker or Blackjack. It is played on a table and as a table game, and it can have up to 7 players. The gameplay does not involve beating the other players. It is all about getting cards to form a winning hand. The game does not even require players to beat the dealer.

There is a step by step process to get started with Let 'Em Ride at Slots.LV Casino.

Players will see that they can navigate to the table games and click on Let 'Em Ride. This will show a table with three circles. Gameplay begins with an Ante bet. The dealer will give three cards that are facing up. There are another two cards dealt called community cards, that will be facing down.

Players will then have the option to wager a $1 to enter the progressive jackpot and let it all ride.

After reviewing the cards, the player can let it ride based on the cards they have and also raise their original bet.

This will begin the next round, and the dealer will reveal one of the community cards. There will now be 4 cards that are facing up, and players can continue to let it ride. This will bring it to the final round when this happens. The last community card is revealed to see how much will be paid out.

Payouts in Let ‘Em Ride

Various hands will have different payouts when players obtain the cards for a winning combination. The largest payout is for a Royal Flush that pays 1000:1. Anyone who receives a Straight Flush is rewarded with 200:1. The prize continues for Four of a Kind with a payout of 50:1. A Full House will pay 11:1. Other hands such as a Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair or Tens or Better pay from 8:1 and down to 1:1.

Tips For Playing

Here are some tips for playing Let 'Em Ride.
  • Players that receive at least three cards that may be part of a Royal Flush should take the option to let it ride. They can have the opportunity to see if there is a chance to win the Royal Flush.
  • If players are dealt a hand in which they have three cards needed to complete a Straight Flush, they can consider letting the hand ride. At least one of the cards will need to be higher than 10 for this to stand a good chance.
  • When dealt four cards of an outside straight and has one of the cards that is high, the player may consider letting it ride.
  • However, if the hand is four cards of an inside straight and the cards are lower than 10, then players should not let the hand ride.

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