How to Play & Win at Tri Card Poker

There are numerous table games inside of Slots.LV Casino, and one of these featured games is Tri Card Poker. It is available through instant play gaming. Players will first need to open a casino account and register online. After completing the sign up process, it is only a matter of navigating to the Games area to find this online poker game.

Understanding Tri Card Poker

This is a card game that involves a deck of 52 cards. Gameplay is between the player and the dealer. There are two parts to this table game. These parts of the game include Pair Plus and Ante and Raise. Ante and Raise are there for players to try and get a higher hand compared to the dealer. Pair Plus, as the name suggests, is a wager to guess if the player will receive a tri card hand that includes a pair or higher. Casino members can put wagers on both the Ante/Rise and Pair Plus.

About Tri Card Poker Rules

There are a couple of rules that players must be knowledgeable about when they start to play tri card poker. First of all, the game is played using only one deck, and the dealer and player will both only get three cards. The player's cards are face out, but the dealer’s cards will be placed facedown. It is also essential to know that receiving what is called a 3 card straight is better than a 3 card flush. The dealer will also reshuffle the cards after a hand is played.

Getting Started with Tri Card Poker

Playing Tri Card poker is a step by step process in Slots.LV Casino. Players will first need to Ante Up by choosing how many chips they would like to wager. The bet is placed on the board. Anyone wanting to wager for Pair Plus will also do so at this time. There is a Deal button to hit to have your cards dealt to you. Three cards will be placed on the board face up. The dealer will also put three cards for himself but face down. After looking at your cards, it is necessary to decide if you would like to raise or fold. This depends on what your cards show and what cards the dealer might have. Raising has the potential to double your ante, and this will start the face-off with the dealer. It is necessary for the dealer to have at least a Queen or a higher card for them to qualify. If the dealer has a Queen, but the player has a better hand, then the player will win. The player will lose if the dealer does qualify and has a better hand than the player. Players will win if the dealer does not have a Queen to qualify, and this will push the raise. Folding will result in the poker player losing the wager regardless of what cards the dealer has. The gameplay for Pair Plus is slightly different. It depends on what your cards show. Players can receive a win if they have a three of a kind, straight, pair, flush, or a straight flush.

How to Win in Tri Card Poker

Players will need to understand the various ways they can win inside of this online poker game. If someone places a wager for Pair Plus and based on the cards they have, the player may win. It is possible to win by placing a Pair Plus wager and also an Ante and Raise wager at the same time. Players will need a better hand than the dealer. A third way it is possible to win is if only an Ante and Raise bet is placed, and the Dealer has a Queen, but the player has a better hand. The last possible way to win is when the dealer does not have a Queen and does not qualify at all.

House Edge

The current house edge is 3.17% when playing Tri Card poker. Players may try different strategies to help lower the house edge. For example, some strategies instruct poker players to always raise when they have a Queen, 6, and 4 cards or anything higher. This strategy may lower the house edge to 2%.

Poker Banking Options

Playing poker online requires real money wagers inside of Slots LV Casino. Deposits can be made using various options such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. The casino does accept Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Explore Tri Card Poker

Now players may discover that it is not difficult to play this game. There are fewer cards than the usual card games to keep track of. In simple terms, it is about making a wager, requesting cards to be dealt with, and seeing if it is a win. Various strategies can be used when you explore Tri Card Poker games at Slots.LV Casino.