What Is Hit Frequency?

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Hit Frequency is used in the casino industry to describe how often a casino game will “hit” or receive a return. This term is often used casino games such as casino lottery, slots, Keno or video poker. It is not a hard concept for those new to casinos to understand. Just imagine if you are placing a $1 wager on the slots and spin the reels 40 times. If you receive a return after a specific number of spins, then the hit frequency can be calculated based on the entire number of plays. This is just hit frequency simplified, but it can get range amount games and definitely within slot games. It is possible for a hit frequency to be as low as 3%. Usually, the hit frequency ranges from 3% to up to 30% which is much different than the RTP. As you probably have determined, the higher the hit frequency, then the higher the number of wins given by a game.

Random Wins

It is not possible to discuss Hit Frequency without looking at Random Number Generators. The casino games have to have random outcomes in regards to wins. The technology available in random number generators or RNGs will ensure that each spin of the reel or roll of the dice is independent or not influenced by a previous outcome. This is one of the aspects that influences the hit frequency, as the randomness will be taken into consideration into how often a return is given.

Bigger or Lower Wins

A game with a lower hit frequency will give a higher win in the beginning compared to another game with a higher hit frequency that gives more lower payout amounts. However, players should realize that the number of credits in the payouts are not increased more often with a higher hit frequency but rather the frequency or often they occur will be more over time. That being said, the low hit frequency slots will lean towards longer stretches without payouts, but a higher chance of hitting a large jackpot. A casino player can decide which they prefer.