What Does Pay The Table Mean In Slots?

Anyone who has just started playing or someone interested in playing might be wondering what does pay the table mean in slots? This is a common phrase that is used to describe information about a slots game. More specifically, it is the Pay Table, and players may read the pay table to see how much a slots game pays out.

When a slot game is designed, the software provider will design it in such as way that symbols in the game will have specific payment amounts attached to them. Players should review this chart before spinning the reels to better plan their strategy. Anyone is able to review the paytable and can see how much they will win based on the number of symbols on the reels.

Winning Amounts

The Pay Table in a slots game is all about symbol combinations. This is where you will discover the symbols that are on the reels, along with information about the rules of the game and the bonus features included. Slot players will see that with each symbol there is a listing of how many numbers of a symbol is needed to receive a payout. The coin or credit amount for the symbol combinations are listed. This can range from two of a kind symbol combinations up to 5 of a kind symbol combinations for five reel games. For those games with a higher number of reels or symbol combinations, the winning amounts will be listed. The slots pay table will also reveal any special pays for different symbols. For example, the addition of a wild symbol that doubles the winning amount.

Why Look at the Pay Table

It is fun to choose a slots game by the theme or by the design. However, anyone who really wants a better chance can look at the payout percentage and how much the slots game will pay out. This is why it is essential to look at the pay table. Even before gameplay, you can view this table and see what kind of numbers who are looking at. This can help you in deciding how many lines to wager or if a max wager is where you should focus your attention. This is both for regular casinos and online casinos. For online casinos, you can search for the paytable in the information section. It is also possible to find it by pressing, “View Pays” or the “Paytable” button. In classic slot games, the paytable is not tucked away, but prominently displayed on the front of the screen.