Do Casinos Pump Oxygen Into The Air?

Some casino players have walked out of a casino believing that the casino must have pumped certain amounts of oxygen into the environments. Once and for all the question can be answered, “Do casinos pump oxygen into the air?” The answer is a simple No. Just think about the health and safety issue this would cause.

The casino would not want to risk one of the players having a reaction to the higher amounts of oxygen. Having higher amounts of oxygen can also increase the potential for something to spark and catch on fire. Think about a casino and the number of items inside the casino that are flammable. By pumping oxygen into the environment the casino would run a big risk of a fire. Also, it would not be feasible to pump oxygen into the environment as many of the casinos are very large. The amount of oxygen that would be required on a daily basis would be horrendous.

No Oxygen Pumps

The reason why some casino players believe oxygen is pumped into the air is because of the excited feeling they have while playing. Before they know it they have spun the reels one too many times and have watched their money disappear. Of course, these players disregard their own emotions and hormones and adrenaline that comes with the thrill of playing casino games. They can also disregard that they did not enter with a strategy of how much they would like to wager.

Keep in mind that yes casinos do change the environment to make sure they can maximize more play time. The cocktail waitress will come to you to take your orders and you can hear music that just makes you lose track of time, and this is one of the reasons more people choose online games. There are other tactics a regular casino may adopt, but pumping oxygen into the environment is not one of those tactics used to get you to spend more.