What Casino Game Has The Lowest House Edge?

Some casino players will happily start playing a casino game without any thought as to whether there might be a better game for them. It is important to play what you enjoy, but if you are skilled enough to play all casino games, it would be a good idea to play the casino game with the lowest house edge. You might be wondering now, “What casino game has the lowest house edge?” The games with the lowest house edges are the table games.

The Craps Game

Players should consider craps as some parts of it does have a lower or no house edge compared to other games. There is a specific type of wager or bet known as the Odds Bet that has a zero house edge. Yes, zero! However, before you can wager the Odds Bet, you will first have to wager on the Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line Bets. These wagers do not have a zero house edge, but more like a house edge of 1.41% for the Pass Line Bet and a house edge of 1.36% for the Don’t Pass Line Bet. So, you will have to play at higher odds before placing a wager on the zero Odds Bet.


Without looking at the Craps Odds Bet, the game of Blackjack will have lower odds than Craps for wagers. Players may enjoy Single Deck Blackjack with the lowest house edge below 1%. This house edge can be 0.03% up to 0.65%. The average is considered to be 0.5%, and the maximum is around 2%. The house edge of the game chosen will determine how much you receive back in payouts over time.