Win A Million Slots

Win A Million Dollars is unlike any other video slot game that you've encountered before. In fact, we think it's safe to say that this is only the only guaranteed $1 million jackpot video slot game in existence. The only other slots we can think of that pay out this much are all progressives, and require weeks of feeding to reach this level. But Win A Million Dollars offers you the opportunity to play for $1 million all the time - plus, it's got Wilds, Scatters and a bonus round that hands you free cash. Take your shot at becoming a millionaire by playing this game right now at LibertySlots US Casino . Their long experience in the online gambling industry means you'll have a player experience second to none.

The Path to Millionaire Status

It may have the world's biggest fixed slot jackpot, but Win A Million Dollars is still an easy game to play. We'll explain how it works, but you should have it down pat in no time. The display is filled with five reels, all covered in symbols, each worth different amounts of money. Unlike the old three reel one armed bandits, this game has five pay lines that you can bet on simultaneously. The point of betting on multiple pay lines is that it increases the chances that you'll hit a winning combination on each spin. You can only bet one coin on each pay line, but you can dictate what the coin is worth - there are controls at the bottom of the screen that allow you to set its value anywhere between one cent and five dollars. When you're ready, click the Spin button, and see if you become an instant millionaire.

Living the High Life

All of the images on the reels have do with the lifestyle that goes hand-in-hand with being a millionaire. The lower order wins include a Coin, the golden Dollar Sign, the Stack of Cash, and the Safe. After this it becomes lucrative. The Diamond is worth 1000 coins, the Sleeping Millionaire is worth 2000, the Drunk Millionaire is worth 3000, and the Sugar Daddy is worth 5000. The Sugar Daddy is also the game's Wild symbol. While he doesn't apply any multipliers, he can plug the holes in an otherwise losing combination and turn it into a winner. The Million Scatter symbol triggers the game's top prize: you need 5 in a row to become a millionaire.

Bombastic Bonuses

If three bonus briefcases line up on an activated pay line, this triggers the bonus round. You'll be presented with the selection of different cases to choose from, and you must pick three. The random amount of money that the cases contain will be added together - this is your bonus amount.