Making Deposits in a Bitcoin Casino

Where you go you might hear about Bitcoins or BTC which is a form of digital currency. It is now one of the most original cryptocurrencies which also include Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Monero. Digital currency is a form or peer to peer service that allows people to pay for goods and services. As the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has taken over the online casino industry. It is seen as an alternative to people who will not, cannot or just do not want to use regular fiat currency to play casino games online. The online casino industry has progressed to the point that not only can use bitcoin as one of the payment methods, you may also play in online Bitcoin casinos. It all starts with signing up and making deposits in a bitcoin casino.

Find a Bitcoin Casino

The process does start with finding a bitcoin casino so you can make payments into your online account. Players should be aware that bitcoin casinos are not like the elusive Yeti or Loch Ness Monster. They actually can be found and there are bitcoin casino lists. These online casinos accept bitcoin payments as a deposit to play some of the top casino games. You will have the choice of a bitcoin casino that offers other payment methods and bitcoin or a site that solely operates with bitcoins only. It depends on the casino you select. Nowadays, some players are opting for these types of online casinos because it provides more flexibility. It may also be more secure to use your bitcoin wallet to send and receive payments instead of using your credit card or bank account details.

You will need to sign up at this bitcoin casino if you have not already done so. This does involve providing personal information to some online casinos. However, it is possible to find a bitcoin casino that allows anonymity. Your online casino account will need to be verified before sending your digital coins.

Obtain Casino Bitcoin Address

It will be essential for you to search for your casino's bitcoin address after your account is verified. This is a long string of letters and numbers that can be as long as 34 characters. It usually looks as if a child has typed it. Your casino bitcoin address will be found in the banking, payments or Cashier section of the online casino. You will need to copy this casino wallet address as it will be used to send bitcoins to it.

Get a Personal Bitcoin Wallet

A Bitcoin wallet is like no other. The technology for it allows you to store your bitcoins inside of your personal wallet until they are sent to your online casino wallet address. You will have a couple of options when it coins to a Bitcoin wallet. Some casino members prefer to use a software based wallet. This is the equivalent of downloading the software for a Bitcoin wallet. The software will be run on your computer or laptop and this is where you will store any bitcoins that you send to your personal bitcoin wallet. Another popular option is to use a web-based wallet. A web or Internet based wallet is the equivalent of an instant wallet. There is no software download required. you will only have to ensure that you have enough bitcoins to send for the casino deposit. You will need to search for your personal Bitcoin wallet address and make a note of this for your casino withdrawals.

Buy or Borrow Bitcoins

The next step is to obtain bitcoins now that your online casino account and bitcoin wallets are ready to go. The majority of people will use a currency exchange service that handles cryptocurrencies or digital currencies to purchase bitcoin online. This can be done using a credit card, a gift card or even a bank account. Digital currency exchanges are very popular these days and can provide a bitcoin wallet to store your cryptocurrency. You will only have to decide how much bitcoins you would like to buy and the exchange service gives you the equivalent exchange rate between fiat currency and bitcoins.

Once your purchase is confirmed, you will be the owner of Bitcoins. Keep in mind that you can also receive bitcoins by getting them from a friend. If you have family or friend willing to lend or give them to you, you will only need a personal wallet address. However, with future deposits, you will have to use an exchange service. It is also possible to obtain bitcoins by just exchange other cryptocurrencies and sending them to the online casino.

Make Deposits

Once you have your digital coins in your new personal bitcoin wallet, it is just the final step to send them to the online casino. This is where the casino's bitcoin address comes in. You will have to insert the casino bitcoin wallet address as to where you would like your bitcoins sent. The coins will 'leave' your personal bitcoin wallet and be sent to the Bitcoin casino. Once the casino confirms your deposit, you will see it reflected in your online casino account. Some casinos will allow you to deposit Bitcoin directly and play with mBTC or BTC, whereas other casinos allow you to deposit bitcoin and then they will convert it to the fiat currency equivalent to play casino games. From this process, you will discover how fast it can be to begin making deposits in a bitcoin casino.