Evel Knievel Slots

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Bob Knievel (AKA Evel) was an American icon - possibly one of the most hardcore and insane stunt riders who ever lived. This game celebrates some of his most famous stunts, including his legendary (and completely successful) attempt to ramp his bike over the Snake River.

Vegas Tech have done a great job building a truly exciting video slot here, and from the amount of traffic it's been generating, it's safe to say that slot fans think so too. The fact that it features two separate bonus rounds and a $100,000 prize may help, of course.

Ready to burn some rubber and defy death? You can either play the game right there on their website, or download it to your computer for free!

Know the Variables Before You Get on the Bike

It has to be said, jumping a bike over a plane has never been so easy - or so rewarding. Understand the basics and you'll be on top of this game in no time.

Eval Knieval has five reels, covered in images that depict Knieval's world, his gear and the stunts he pulled. You place a bet, spin the reels, and if everything works out, the symbols line up when they come to rest, and you win.

The game supports up to 20 pay lines that you can activate whenever you line. More lines means bigger bets, but it also means more chances to win every time.

That Looks Really Fast

Graphically, this is one of the most rewarding slots out there. Expect to see imagery of the American Flag, Eval's Outfit, Eval's Helmet, a Burning Wheel of Fire, and a bunch of Trucks for Eval to jump over. However, the most interesting symbols are the flaming #1, Eval pulling a Wheelie, and the Trophy.

The #1 is both a Multiplier and a Wild symbol. It'll double for just about any other symbol in the game, and when it's part of a winning combination, it doubles the size of your winnings!

If three or more Trophies appear anywhere, you automatically win 15 free spins of the reels. What's so great about this is that anything you win during the freebies is automatically tripled!

Finally, when Eval pulls a Wheelie on reels 2 and 4, the bonus round launches.

Get Some Air - And Some Cash

The bonus round is one of the coolest things about Evel Knieval. In it, you have to attempt a progressively more risky set of stunt jumps - there are four in total. For every jump that Evel successfully clears, you win a random amount of free bonus cash! Try to complete all four without wiping out!