Making Online Casino Payments With a Bitcoin Cashier

If you are new to the digital currency known as Bitcoin, you may be wondering if it is possible to use bitcoins to make payments in online casinos? Bitcoins are now available to the public, and almost anyone can use them for online payments and transactions. Bitcoins have not been accepted by the top online casinos, and it indeed it is possible to use this currency to make online casino payments with a Bitcoin cashier.

Bitcoins are different than regular money such as USD, Euros, CAD, or GBP. Regular dollars are known as fiat currency. However, Bitcoin is digital money that is created to make payments or transactions online. Even if the transaction is not online, Bitcoins will need to be sent between users online. Bitcoin is also one of the most popular forms of cryptocurrency, and it can be obtained by mining using a powerful computer system, or by purchasing these coins from a digital currency exchange using a bank account or credit card.

Sending Coins to a Bitcoin Cashier

Sending coins to a Bitcoin cashier is not difficult, but does require a different method than using your bank account or credit card directly in the online casino. Casino members are required to have a bitcoin wallet where coins are stored, and can be used to send them to and from. This is an electronic wallet which will also keep track of how many bitcoins you have.

Casino players can use a web-based Bitcoin wallet or download an app to their mobile phone or tablet. It is also possible to store these coins on your computer's hard drive, but that is not recommended in case your computer crashes. Many of the digital currency exchanges will offer a free Bitcoin wallet to make it easy to buy bitcoins online. Some online casinos will also recommend a Bitcoin digital currency exchange to use or a site to obtain a free Bitcoin wallet.

Once the Bitcoin wallet is obtained, and there are enough bitcoins to be sent as a deposit, the online casino player will have to obtain the bitcoin wallet address for the casino to send the coins. This can be found by signing into your casino account and looking in the Banking or Bitcoin Cashier section of the website. Customer support can also help with the wallet address to send to. It is just a matter of copying and pasting this casino wallet address on the website you will use to transfer the bitcoins. In a few clicks, you would have transferred bitcoins to an online casino bitcoin cashier.

After the cashier has credited the Bitcoins to your online casino account, you can view this digital currency, and start using it to play online casino games. Some web casinos will let you wager directly using bitcoins, whereas another web casino might convert it to the dollar equivalent.

Other Uses For a Bitcoin Cashier

Other than bitcoin payment transactions, a Bitcoin cashier is the person to go to for Bitcoin bonuses. The cashier can help you redeem a Bitcoin bonus promotion. It is also possible to check here at the cashier if you qualify for a Bitcoin bonus. The Bitcoin cashier is also a good way to clarify how to redeem these bonuses to increase your bankroll.