Why Are There No Windows In A Casino?

You might have recently played inside a casino and wondered where all of the windows went or why would a casino design a building with so few windows. This brings up the question, “Why are there no windows in a casino?” There are a couple of reasons to consider.


One of the reasons some casinos do not have windows is because of the privacy aspect. The last thing some players would want is to have their family, friends or coworkers know that they are spending money in a casino. For some people, their family or coworkers might be sitting right next to them as they spin the reels. However, in other situations, this is to protect the privacy of those inside the casino. Now, your boss does not have to know how you spend your weekends.

Eliminate Distractions

Another reason for no windows in a casino is to eliminate distraction. A casino is a business, and the objective of any business is to get the “customers” to spend money. Casino players will not be distracted by the beautiful day outside when they are playing because there are no windows to see out. The casino will also not have to worry about opening and closing the blinds if the Sun is too bright and if the sunlight is disturbing someone playing a game. The casino is trying to maximize the amount of focus a player has on its products - the casino games. The games are the only thing they want players to be distracted with.

Lose Track of Time

One of the main reasons for no windows in a casino is to help the player lose track of time. The casinos that are built this way want to become absorbed in the game that you are playing so that you are not able to see how many hours are being spent inside the casino. They want you to not see how much you are spending during this time.

Keep in mind that this is not the case for all casinos. Some casinos are designed in such a way that there are enough windows.