What Is The Slot Percentage Payout In Vegas?

Slot machines continue to be a favorite of casino players whether they are in Las Vegas are playing at home. Some slot players might want to know, “What is the slot percentage payout in Vegas?” This is a good question because it allows players to decide which casinos will give the highest payouts. However, keep in mind that the majority of the Las Vegas casino slots will differ only by a few percentage points.

Las Vegas Slot Payout Percentages

When looking at the slot payout percentages in Vegas, casino players will notice that it varies slightly based on where you play. The payout will also vary based on the type of slot game. For example, all slot games in Las Vegas will average from 92.0% on The Strip to 94.4% on the Boulder Strip. The 1 cent slots will reward with a payout of 88.5% to 90.8% when wagering one cent. However, certain slot games such as the $0.05 or 5 cents machines will payout 90.32% up to 93.03 %. The higher slots machines that charge 25 cents will reward from 89.97% up to 96.6%. When you start to play higher wagers such as the $1 slot games, the payout percentages also rise to between 92.6% to 95.9%. However, the Megabucks progressive will have a much lower payout percentage from 86.8% to 87.8% for this $1 slot machine. The $5 slot games range from a payout of 95.3% to 96.5%.

Las Vegas does not release information on payout percentages based on the casino, but it does provide information according to the where the slot machine is located and the denomination wagered on the machine. As to be expected, the payout percentage increases in slot games with the higher denomination, except the progressives such as Megabucks which will have a lower payout percentage, but a chance to win a huge jackpot.