How Do You Win At Craps?

There have been books written about this subject, and you will only have to go to the largest video website to see many videos about how do you win at craps. Craps is a popular casino game and even though it brings a certain level of fun, players can enjoy the game even more by winning at craps.

About Craps

One of the reason craps is so popular is because of the lower house edge of approximately 1.4%. The table games will have a better house edge than slots, and Craps has better odds of winning as compared to roulette. With such great odds for you, it is essential to play this casino game - (and all casino games) - wisely. Players should not let the excitement of the game cause them to place bad wagers. It is all about you rolling the dice in your favor.

There are some basics to understand about Craps before getting into game strategies. Unlike other table games, Craps occurs in "rounds". The game can have as many as eight players with multiple dealers. There are rounds of gameplay in which the players will first roll the dice. When the dice are in your hands ready to roll, then you are known as the "shooter". The pair of dice is passed in a clockwise motion among the players. A player will be given the option to pass or roll.

The first roll in any round is called the "Come Out Roll" and the dealer for the game will announce that players are coming out. Keep in mind that a round of Craps is not necessarily one roll of the dice. It can be several rolls depending on what the players roll. The rounds will continue until the shooter rolls what is called sevens out. Then, the next shooter will have a turn during this round.

Placing Wagers

The Craps table is identical on both sides and players are able to place various wagers on parts of the table. This is an interesting game because not only will you wager on your own performance, but also on the performance of the other players around the table. You can also place a wager that each player will win or lose in this game. One of the ways to win at Craps is to bet on the Pass Line or Don't Pass wagers. The winnings are equal to the amount you place as a wager. With a Pass Line, a 7 or 11 will cause a win. If as a shooter you roll a 2, 3 or 12 on the dice then this is called Craps and it is a loss. Playing the odds is also another winning strategy. You discover there is a lower house edge when you do so. The Odds Bet has approximately a zero edge, but players will have to place a Pass Line Bet first before the Odds Bet. It is possible to play 100x odds at some casinos.