What Is A Flat Top Machine At A Casino?

There is so much to consider when playing slot games. For example, did you know you would be able to choose from a classic slots versus a video slots game? It is also possible to choose a flat top slot game. You might be wondering, "what is a flat top at a casino?" It is not difficult to understand these types of games, and you might discover that you have been playing flat top machines inside casinos and have not known they were called this.

What are Flat Top Machines?

There are generally two types of slot machines. The first is the flat to machine and the second type is the progressive slot. Flat top machines can further be divided into classic slots or video slots, for example. The Flat Top Machine is not a machine that literally or physically has a flat top, but rather one that has a maximum amount for payouts. A progressive slots jackpot can continue to rise up to a certain amount before it is paid out. However, a flat top slots will have a fixed jackpot to be won. This is also a game that is not connected to other slots through a network.

As stated the flat top slots can have a single payline and be a simple three reel slot game. It is also possible for flat top machines to be a five reel game with multiple paylines. These games will vary considerably by theme. Players will be able to enjoy everything from a simple design to more intricate gameplay. Casino players will also enjoy the chance to wager from $0.01.

Flat tops will always have a jackpot this is a fixed amount. Players for these games will not be able to keep placing wagers to increase the jackpot amount like you would in a progressive slot. For this reason, you can easily see what the difference is between a flat top slots machine and a progressive slots.


Slot players love the game, and enjoy the fun of it, but they are also looking to win a payout. Flat top slot machines are not in a network, but the payouts over time are usually larger as compared to a progressive. So it is safe to say that slot players can expect a higher return to player or RTP when they consider a flat top machine. However, this is in contrast to a progressive slots game that can give less than the other slots over time. This is unless you win the progressive jackpot. In just based gameplay, a progressive slot will have a lower RTP as compared to playing a flat top machine.