How Do You Play 3 Card Poker In A Casino?

Are you interested to know how do you play 3 card poker? Well, it might seem like a daunting task, but truly it is not. Three Card Poker was first invented in 1994, so it is a young game compared to slot machines and Blackjack. The game is fairly easy to understand. Players will enjoy a chance to win more with a game that has a lower house edge than slots.

About Three Card Poker

As stated the house edge is not as high in this game. Players will be given choices on how they want to make wagers. They can choose to wager in a way that will give more payouts. There is also a chance to wager on a return that will provide 40x the wager. You can also place both of these as wagers and go from there. Learning the correct way to play 3 Card Poker is essential for anyone who wants to improve their gameplay and move on to winning or winning more.

Game Play

To properly learn the game, you will need a standard pack of 52 playing cards. These cards will be shuffled each time a hand is dealt. Three Card Poker is a table game, and you will need access to the table to play. Players will see the name of the game along with places where you can place your wager on "Pair Plus" or "Ante" or "Play" on the table. The Three Card Poker table will also show that the other rules and payouts for the game. You can wager from $5 for the minimum Ante and Pair Plus wagers. Also, you will not be allowed to wager a maximum of $100.

Anyone who has played Stud Poker in the past will be familiar with Three Card. Players should know that there is a difference - the Straight will be at a higher rank than the Flush. In this specific order, the hand rankings start from High Card and go up to Pair, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind and then a Straight Flush is the highest.

How To Win

You can choose either Ante or Pair Plus, or both of them, to place your wager. After all the wagers are placed, the dealer will then give all every player including himself three cards which are placed face down. All the players will look at their cards and decide if they would like to additionally play the Ante. This will require another wager on the Play section of the table equal to your Ante wager. There is nothing else needed to be done to play the Pair Plus. You will also have the option to fold by placing your cards on the table. This is the time for all players to decide whether to play or fold. Anyone who folds will see their Ante wager and cards removed. The dealer then turns his cards over. The dealer's cards must be a Queen or higher for him to enter play, and you must have a hand that is a higher ranking than the dealer's cards to win during Ante. If you are playing Pair Plus, you will only need to have at least a pair or better to win. There is no need to outrank the dealer's hand in Pair Plus play.