What Is The Highest Payout Casino Game?

Casino games can be lucrative if you know which ones to play first. These are the games which have the highest payouts and the best odds. Regardless, if it is a regular casino or an online casino, players should make it a point to choose the games with the best payouts. This will help you to receive the best returns for your money. Each casino will have various games available and the odds will vary with each game. However, certain types of games will put you further ahead.

Play Blackjack

Casino players collectively spend millions each year inside of regular and online casinos. You will be surprised to know that not many of them have considered what are the better games for them. According to the professionals, the highest casino payout game is by playing Blackjack, as it is one of the best games in terms of receiving a higher payout based on the wagers placed. This is because there is only between a 0.13% to 1% house edge for Blackjack games. Classic Blackjack is still the favorite in terms of stretching your bankroll and having more money to play. There is a payout percentage of up to 99.37% in Blackjack.

Explore Craps

Another game that gives a good payout after Blackjack is the popular dice game called Craps. The house edge can be from about 0.45% to 0.60% for Craps which gives you a bigger chance of winning with such a low house edge. The game might take a bit of time for novices to learn because there are various wagers that can be placed on the roll of the dice. However, once a player can understand and master the game, He will be able to see the potential for higher payouts. On average, the house edge is 1.2% across all of the casinos.

Experience Roulette

A third high payout casino game is Roulette, especially when it can have a house edge from 1.35% to 2.7%. This game has different variations, but it is a simple game to learn and worth the time to understand it. The basics of the game involve picking a number, and if the number is the same as one as where the ball falls, then it is a win. With house edge such as this, bigger wins may be yours while playing Roulette.

All In The Tables

As you might have been able to notice by now, that the higher payouts for casino games are all in the tables. Players can over time receive a bigger payout with the tables compared to the slots. The slot games will have individual payout percentages, and you may expect the progressive jackpots to payout the highest. Microgaming has progressive slots such as Mega Moolah that is a few million dollars. So far, the highest win in Las Vegas has been on a Megabucks Jackpot game worth approximately $39 Million.