Rival Casinos

Rival casinos may make you think of two players staring each other down across a long dusty street, but Rival casinos don’t have anything to do with rivalry. Unless, of course, you are talking about the kind of rivalry that springs up whenever a hot new player elevates the game to a new level with superior technology.

Rival Gaming Casino software launched in 2006, and ever since then it has been attracting attention and making waves. The software offers a rich graphics environment, total interactivity and Mac-compatible access. The Cyprus based company currently supports nearly 20 online casinos, adding more all the time.

A few of its best performing sites are here, so you can see for yourself what sets Rival casinos apart from the rest of the pack. Be sure to spend some time with the i-slots, a multi-reel, multi-line slots game that also has a mini-movie and video game elements attached.

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