Great Five Reel Slot Games

Common to many popular video slot games is the 5 reel, 20 payline configuration. Favorites using this setup include:

These games give the player the flexibility to bet anywhere from 1 cent to $50 dollars per line, and choose from one to twenty lines of play. Some probabilities of success are tied to the amount bet - for example, playing more lines gives more chance to win a free spin. In other cases, as with the random progressive jackpot common to all these games, there is no connection between the bet and the payout. Great slot games also make the most out of a theme. Nicely styled icons, specific to the theme of the game, are combined with impressive musical effects to create an entertaining environment in addition to the lure of winning big.

How to Play, The Objective

Players spin the reels to find and combine the highest paying symbols, wild cards, and scatter icons. Some combinations provide an instant cash win, while others provide bonus spins where the player's bet can be multiplied up to two hundred times. Free spins are more than just a chance to try your luck again. Bonus rounds can lead to successive, multiple free spins where the prize money increases substantially. In some cases, players are granted 100 free spins just by getting the right symbol combination.


Despite the complex software underlying top slot games, controls are kept simple. The Help button is always available to explain how the game is played, while the Autoplay function will automatically use current settings to spin the reels until a win occurs or the funds are used up.


Often the most eye-catching symbols are the ones that provide the nicest payout. Of course, multiples of any kind are always good, but top slot games have one symbol that will give a player the greatest payout. To increase your chances, wild card symbols can be used to substitute any other symbol and give you a payline, or a higher paying payline. Getting lucky with a wild card usually means that your winning bet will also rise substantially in value. Scatter icons are similarly highly important. These essential symbols will create a payline, greatly increase the value of a payout, and trigger free spins.

Random Progressive Jackpot

Random progressive jackpots are pure good fortune. The best five reel slot games will reward a progressive jackpot, which can reach many thousands of dollars, at any time after a spin has completed. The jackpot will drop no matter what kind of bet has been placed and regardless of the spin containing a winning combination. Finally, the progressive jackpot is added to other winnings, so that the player still keeps all winnings from playing the main game.

Where to Play

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