Casino Games

Casino games have gone through a very varied life, from the time that casinos and gambling was outlawed to the modern day where online casinos are monitored and encouraged within reason, fair play is endorsed together with responsible gambling.

Casino Games have a wide and varied history which includes ancient games such as Keno which was developed and played by Chinese soldiers whilst waiting to attack outposts, to scratch cards which have become an easy and quick game to play at many online casinos that can give enormous prizes and satisfaction to their players. Since the widespread acceptance and use of computes over the past decade, the idea of online casino games has also spread to give us a very wide and varied range of casino games.

Online Slots

Online Slots have to be the most popular and widespread casino games that there are today. Slots date back to the garage of a mechanic who invented the one armed bandit and since then have developed to become a multi million dollar industry which are played by millions of people. Online, you can find every type of slots possible with every type of theme from actual lifestyle themes to fantasy ideas and historical subjects. Cleopatra and the Aztecs are favorite subjects for video slots, whereas pub slots are favorites for 3 reel traditional slots. Progressive slots come in every shape and form and there are now even interactive slot games where you can determine the outcome of the game depending on the choices you make. Multi player slots have also just come in to play where you work with other like minded players to achieve the best results in games.

Online Poker

Poker has long been one of the most played card games ever. Through the internet, Poker is now a truly international card game with a number of different variations where players from around the world can sit down at a table together and play. Three card Poker which is two games in one and Texas Hold'em are the most popular variations of Poker games that are played online today but there are many other variations such as Omaha and 7 card stud which are also available to play at online casinos. Poker rooms exist which you can log into and watch games or even join in with games, Poker tournaments are available at most online casinos and you can also join in with the World Series of Poker online. In short the world of poker has become the online world of Poker. Video Poker can be considered another variation of Poker that is available to play, it has the same principals as physical card poker but the difference is that you are playing against a machine, i.e. a video console and with 5 cards only. There are also many different variations of Video Poker that can be played.

Online Roulette

Many associate the Roulette wheel with casinos and gambling without knowing why. For years the Roulette wheel has been the undeclared symbol of casinos. Online Casinos offer many different versions of Roulette but one thing remains the same in all of these games; the spinning wheel. The wheel may vary in the number of pockets it has, 37 or 38 but the principles of the game remain the same. Bets are placed on the outcome of the spinning wheel and where the ball that spins with the wheel will come to land. You can place multiple bets per spin or single bets and all of these can be placed, literally, on the betting grid which is adjacent to the spinning wheel. Online Roulette is an exciting and action packed online game to play.

Specialty Games

There are many online casino games which don't fall in to the regular category of classic casino games i.e. they are not table games and they are not slot machines. Keno and Scratch cards as well as Bingo are classic specialty games which can be played at many online casinos. Each game is based on luck rather than skill and involves matching of numbers or squares. Each game offers different betting options which in return will pay out for different results.

Thankfully you can never get bored when playing at an online casino as there are so many games to choose from and to enjoy. Most good online casinos also offer tournaments and special offers which not only encourage your game but also give you a chance to play casino games for less financial input on your side. Remember at the end of the day, casino games are games and they are there to be enjoyed.