Stellar Lumens/XLM

If you read the online news or even many of the forums a lot of people are talking about Stellar or Lumens. It is a cryptocurrency which has gone in popularity over the past couple of years. Not only are people using this as a way to invest in cryptos, but Stellar Lumens (XLM) has become one of the popular ways for some businesses such as banks, mobile phone, currency platforms, a gaming company, and many more. There are numerous ways Stellar Lumens is being implemented into the everyday lives of individuals. Stellar Lumens was first released in 2014, and it was created to provide a way for money to be sent. It was formerly just known as Stellar (STR) and was later changed to Lumens (XLM). This cryptocurrency operates on decentralized servers using a ledger system in which transactions are placed into a database which is referred to as a ledger. It is through these transactions that changes are made in the Lumen account.

Like the other cryptocurrencies, Stellar Lumens is run on open-source technology. The network is called Stellar, and the Lumens are the assets that the Stellar network uses. The developers created this digital currency to provide a way to send payments around the world, and a platform that was accessible to both businesses and consumers. One of the problems the world has faced is having a payment system that was accessible, affordable, but also handled transactions quickly. This is why Stellar Lumens was created to send mainly send payments across the globe.

Using Stellar Lumens in Online Casinos

Every week another financial institution announces they will use the Stellar Lumens framework to conduct transactions. Casino players will have a couple of options to choose from when using this virtual coin as a payment method. The easiest is to search for online casinos that accept Lumens as a deposit method. You will need to have a wallet to store these coins and from this wallet, these coins may be sent to an online casino. Another option is to use Stellar Lumens as a currency exchange. This is ideal for those players who want to deposit in a specific fiat currency, or they want to play in an online casino that does not accept their local currency. Stellar Lumens is a bridge for currency trading, and an effective way to transfer money. This is ideal for those who would like a reprieve from regular bank fees for transactions, especially currency exchange. Stellar Lumens is able to do the transaction in a shorter amount of time, and you can deposit into your online casino account. This also highlights one of the reasons many choose Lumens as a currency. The transactions on the Stellar network are processed quickly, and it is more affordable giving people the opportunity to access it as a payment method.

Best Stellar Lumens Casinos