If you’ve played craps before then you’ll know how simple a game it is, and how well it would lend itself to being online. Just like slots, poker or any other casino game, it is featured on plenty of online casinos and can be played instantly.

Due to the stringent rules on online betting in the US, some online casinos do not accept players who live in America. This does not, however, mean that US players can’t play craps online. At websites such as LibertySlots US Casino and Liberty Slots Flash Casino slots, craps, poker, blackjack etc. are mainstays and accept US players too.

Simple, Unforgettable Rules

If you’re now asking yourself ‘how to be successful at craps?’ then well done. It’s important to get to know the game in terms of winning, before you start for real. Online craps rules are quite straightforward, unlike various other games such as Sex and the City slots or Halloween slots.

When playing online, you can bet on one of two lines. These are called the ‘pass line’ and the ‘don’t pass line’. When one wins, the other loses. It’s the combinations of the dice rolls that determines who wins, for example the pass line wins by default when the dice read seven or 11. The don’t pass line wins when the dice read two, three or 12. Other combinations (four, five, six, eight, nine and ten) are known as ‘the point’ where a white marker is placed. From here, the point number must be rolled before a seven is rolled, otherwise you lose your pass line bet. Losing at this point is called ‘sevening out’, but when you win this is called ‘making your point’ and you win even money.

Are You a Martingale or Gambler’s Fallacy Player?

Unfortunately craps strategies are much less simple than the rules of the game. For those with a photographic memory, the Gambler’s Fallacy is extremely lucrative, involving remembering the previous few dice rolls and predicting the future ones using the law of probability.

So, how to make money in craps? The Martingale system is a safe bet which involves doubling your previous bet whenever you lose. Eventually, by the laws of probability the player will win, and when he/she does they should return to their original bet. Over a number of games and bets the player will have evened out their losses and wins, usually making a profit (much like the concept of a strategy in slots). As with the similar slots strategy, the Martingale system works best with larger bets.

Finding the Best Craps Payouts

If you’re lucky enough to have a good memory, you can use it to work out the best bets on a craps table. For most people, however, luck plays a huge part and it is the bet amount that determines your success within the game.

Entering a Craps Tournament

Upon finding US friendly casinos, you should also come across a number of craps online tournaments. Those using Wager Gaming Technology and RTG software are always a good bet, and upon signing up you will be able to enter craps tournaments for that day, week or month. You should take note of whether the tournament involves playing all the other players together, or whether you only play a small selection at one table. This will be much different to what you’re used to while playing craps online, as you will be used to only playing against the bank. Tournaments are, however, much more fun and exciting, and we recommend you give them a go.