VR Casino Games

When the first online casino was created back in the 1990s, it was the birth of new technology, and the world had not seen anything like it. The were many groups of people at the time with opinions about online casinos. One major group of people were skeptical and thought online gaming would never come to anything. Another group welcomed this new technology with open arms, and a third group was completely against it. As with new technology, this is always the case. Now the online casino industry finds itself again at the point of embarking on the edge of new technology for online casino games in the form of virtual reality casino gaming. Virtual Reality is a hot topic right now, and it refers to the use of equipment to create a virtual world to play in. This can be with the use of headgear or special glasses and a computer.

Why Virtual Reality Casino Gaming?

Virtual reality casino gaming was only adopted in the last couple of years, but the popularity of this new way of casino gaming is growing tremendously. This type of virtual online casino game play is ideal for those people who might not have moved yet from land-based casinos to online casinos. With the right gear, the person new to online casinos can still experience the feel of going to a casino and making wagers on online casino games. They will be able to see the casino environment, but do so without having to leave home. This the best of both worlds for those who are new to online casinos.

Anyone who has been playing in online casinos for some time may also benefit from virtual reality casino games. This technology is taking gaming to the next level, and who would not want to try. Virtual reality gaming for casinos feature games made with state-of-the-art graphics and sound. Casino players can go from a regular two-dimensional view of a casino game to an environment created by the computer with virtual reality casino gaming. Experienced online casino players will be able to enter a virtual online casino world that no one would have ever thought possible.

Are There Virtual Reality Casino Games?

Not surprisingly, there are indeed virtual reality casino games to enjoy, and with such a success in this area of online casinos, more types of these games are on the way. Casino players can enjoy virtual reality slots and virtual reality table games.

  • Slots: It is possible to enjoy virtual reality slot games. Slots will continue to be a favorite type of game at online casinos, and virtual reality slots are no exception. There not as many slot games which are available as regular video slots, but VR slots have themes such as fairytales, gems, Dracula and many other. Some examples of online virtual reality slot games include Dracula, Jack & the Beanstalk, Starburst, and Miss Midas slots. Starburst VR Slots continues to be a featured game at many online casinos which provides virtual reality gaming to casino members. Starburst Slots is a Net Entertainment game with colorful symbols and a clear game soundtrack. Starbust is a gem theme slots game with 5 reels and 10 paylines. Online casino players will need special virtual reality gear such as the Oculus Rift goggles to see the vr environment. While playing in virtual reality, players will see gems of green, orange, yellow, blue and purple colors. The gems will fall to the virtual reality floor after a winning combination. All of the slot game controls are at your fingertips when you play Starburst VR slots game.
  • Table Games: You can play virtual reality table games, and not miss out on your favorite games at online casinos. Some players believe virtual reality games only involve slots, but this is not true, and a selection of virtual reality blackjack and virtual reality roulette games are available to play. Casinos players have described virtual reality table games as similar to being in a live dealer casino, but this is only a small taste of what is expected. A live dealer casino has a camera to play table games with a real human dealer, and sometimes other players, can be viewed. However, virtual reality casinos will provide an alternative environment generated by the virtual gear showing these VR table games. Roulette and Blackjack are two examples of VR online casino games which can be enjoyed with all of the emotions that go along with having the ball land on your number or receiving a Royal Flush.

Do Virtual Reality Casinos Exist?

Anyone interested in virtual reality gaming is surprised to discover that not only do virtual reality online games exist, but there are online casinos which offer this type of gameplay. Playing inside of a virtual reality online casino is a unique experience. It is just a matter of having the computer requirements and necessary headgear such as a head-mounted display to enjoy VR casino games. Casino players should also purchase a data glove which will act as the game controller when in the VR casino.

Getting started at a virtual reality casino is not difficult when you have all of the necessary gear in place. It is just a matter of finding one and signing up to play vr games. The VR casino will require a casino software download. Players will be given the option to use their special goggles for the virtual reality environment, or they can sometimes choose to take off the goggles, but will only be playing in a regular 3D environment.

One of the first things, a virtual reality casino player will recognize is that they can see other players in the vr environment. Well, they will at least be able to see the avatars of other players. When playing in a VR online casino, players will choose avatars to go about in the virtual casino, and this is what other players will see. The vr casinos also have the advantage of chat features while the player is in the online virtual reality casino. As the player makes his way through the casino, he will see many games to choose from in this virtual reality environment. Keep in mind that even though a player will be able to see the avatar of another player, each player is only able to see their own game screen and not the screens of other players. Therefore, privacy is assured when playing virtual reality casino games. You can try virtual reality casino games, and enjoy this popular form of gaming right now.