Ripple (XRP) has gained tremendous interest in the amount of time since it was first released in 2012. As one of the major cryptocurrencies, it is considered a second-generation coin after Bitcoin and Litecoin. Of course, Bitcoin is the original and the most well-known. However, Ripple has gained a huge following in the past few years as an affordable option to using digital currency. Ripple is different than Bitcoin because it uses a technology known as a real-time gross settlement system, which is also known as a RTGS system. The RTGS system is used heavily within the banking industry to send and receive payments. It does function as a digital currency, and provides a way to remit payments between businesses and customers or between peers. By using Ripple, digital payments can be sent securely, quickly, but without the threat of chargebacks. This currency does use a distributed ledger technology in which information is stored in a database and transactions have to be verified with a consensus ledger. It is open source software making it popular in the banking industry for financial institutions.

Some people have gone so far as to describe Ripple as the missing link between regular banks and the other cryptocurrencies. There is also a Ripple Exchange, but anyone wanting to purchase or trade Ripple can do so at any of the reputable online currency exchangers. In order to purchase Ripple from a currency exchange, you will need to have a Ripple wallet. This wallet address is where you will store your XRP, and send and receive coins. Some people choose to get a wallet address from the online currency exchange, but it is not wise to store your coins with them, and it is better to use a Ripple wallet on your hard drive or a physical wallet for security. Regardless, of the wallet, you will be able to exchange other currency such as USD, Euro, CAD, and GBP for Ripple. It is possible to also exchange it with other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Litecoin into Ripple.

Ripple Payment Method

The popularity of Ripple in the online casino industry has increased twofold. Online casinos are always on the lookout for secure and quick methods for their casino players to use. As a result, these Ripple Online Casinos offer Ripple as a payment method. Players can now make wagers on slots, tables Blackjack, video poker or even scratch cards using Ripple coins. It is one of the ways to make deposits into an online casino account, and now receive cashouts back into your Ripple account. It is secure, and is ideal for those who would like to protect their other financial information such as bank accounts or credit card numbers. There is no threat of identity theft as the Ripple address will not contain your personal information. Ripple XRP Casinos will also benefit as they will not have to worry about chargebacks when players use Ripple as a payment method. Therefore, these are just some of the reasons for using Ripple payments to play online games.