A Word About Rogue Casinos

Maybe you have heard of rogue casinos before but did not quite know what they were? A rogue casino is basically a non reputable casino, one that does not make good on their promises or offers. These casinos are known to not give out the bonuses that they advertise and when they do it can take forever to process them. The bottom line is that these casinos will renege on their commitments. These bogus casinos do not speak for the majority but it is important that online gamers know what they are, that they do exist, and how to spot them.

Detecting Rogue Casinos

The easiest way to detect rogue casinos is to look into the blacklist of online casino watch dog organizations. There are quite a few organizations that will list these casinos and are more than happy to share that information with you. While this is only the start of finding them another way is to simply check out the various casino websites. Remember though that it sometimes can take a while to catch a rogue casino and to be placed on the blacklist. Another thing to consider is that a casino may have not reached a level of a rogue casino quite yet.

Check out the Website

So, first look at the website and see who the casino is licensed by and who their affiliates are. If this information is not listed, then move on. If it is listed then see is the owner is listed on any stock exchange and offers other online casinos. If yes, this is a good sign! Do an Internet search for the casino and see if the information matches up. Never deal with an online casino that does not provide a complete postal address.


There are three things that every online casino needs, a licensor, a software provider, and the auditor of gaming operations. If these three are good then the casino is usually good too. If you do not see all three listed then again, move on. Check to see that a casino meets the criteria and if it does then continue investigating but if not then it is likely a rogue casino.

Gaming Forums

It is also important to check out what other players have to say as well as to let others know when you have spotted a rogue casino. The online gaming forums are a good place to start. Always look for or report delays in withdrawals, enforcing conditions that were never mentioned previously, and games freezing up half way through a game are the kinds of thing to look for. If you know what to look for then you have a better means of protecting yourself.