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Traditional Slots

Mega Money Mine Slots

Mega Money Mine Slots Mega Money Mine is a conventional slot machine that has three reels and one pay line attached to it. It has a maximum bet of three coins and since coin values fluctuate between five cents and $1.25, the bet amounts can be anywhere from $0.05 to $3.75 per spin. There are nine winning combinations possible and since this is a progressive slot machine, winning the big jackpot does require playing the maximum number of coins per spin. The Mega Money Mine machine is a throwback to the earliest days of slot machines and it is for this reason that Mega Money Mine is appealing to players with a sense of nostalgia about that time.

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Pay Dirt Slots

Pay Dirt Slots Pay Dirt Slots come in either progressive or normal modes and in both cases however the slot machine is exactly the same. Pay Dirt Slots is a standard conventional slot machine with three reels and one pay line in total. The coin size is anywhere between $0.10 and $25 and because of the standard 3-coin maximum on this machine that means that the bet can be anywhere between $0.10 and $75 per hand depending on the person that plays. Pay Dirt Slots is one of the most accurate conventional slot machines in terms of being a throwback as the bar and seven symbols are very indicative of what the first slot machines were like.

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Red, White and Win Slots

Red, White and Win SlotsThe Red, White and Win slot machine is a standard slot machine with a decidedly American touch to it. While Red, White and Win still has the standard structure of three reels and one pay line, the actual content of the slot machine is quite different from the standard slot machines that one might see in the different casinos. Instead of sevens and bars, what is seen by the Red White and Win slot machine is liberty statues, American flags, red white and blue sevens and a number of other similarly themed objects. All in all, people that enjoy American themed games will appreciate Red, White and Win slot machine greatly.

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Treasure Trail Slots

Treasure Trail SlotsTreasure Trail, like the previous three games, is a standard slot machine that has three reels and one pay line with a three coin maximum. The symbols that can be seen on this slot machine however are symbols related to adventuring and jewels of treasure, although the sevens and bars are still present as symbols that can be utilized in one of the nine different winning combinations that Treasure Trail slot machine has. There is also a wildcard symbol in the form of the cross that can be used. Finally, Treasure Trail has a progressive element to it that allows big jackpots to be won as long as the maximum coinage is employed during each spin.

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Win, Place or Show Slots

Win, Place or Show SlotsWin, Place or Show has all of the same specifications as the previous four slot machines that were discussed and in addition to that it also has the progressive jackpot that many of the other games also have. The theme of Win, Place or Show slot machine is horse racing and that is why many of the symbols that appear relate to ribbons, trophies and horses. All in all though, the basic elements of the game (spin costs, coinage etc.) are the same as the average conventional three reel and one pay line slot machine.

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