Treasure Trail Slots

Treasure Trail is one of the most exciting slots you can find at Liberty Slots Casino. It's not just the authenticity of the simulation that sets this game apart from others in this genre: it's graphics and sound do make it look just like a traditional one-armed bandit. No, what makes Treasure Trail such a stand out classic is the money. Pure and simple, this game could make you seriously rich – it has a progressive jackpot. At the time of writing, the jackpot stood at well over $400,000, and was still growing. What's more, Treasure Trail packs 5-reel features like Scatters and Wilds into the mix, even though it's a three reel game. Take your shot at winning a fortune by playing Treasure Trail at Liberty Slots Casino. You don't even have to download anything – you can enjoy Treasure Trail in a web browser window.

Follow the Treasure Map

You could win hundreds of thousands of dollars playing Treasure Trail, yet it's an extremely simple game to master. It functions just as all one-armed bandits do. You don't need to decide on your coin size because Treasure Trail uses a fixed bet of $1.25 per coin, so your only real decision is whether to play one, two or three coins. Bigger bets yield bigger wins, but it's up to you. Having placed a bet, simply hit the Spin Reels button to get things moving. Good luck!

The Contents of the Treasure Chest

The images used in the game help to bolster the Treasure theme. At least, most of them do. At the bottom of the pay order there's a Scatter in the form of a Red 7, which pays out on any single symbol hit, regardless of whether a pay line is formed. The next most valuable symbols are a big Diamond and the Bars of Gold. Interestingly, Treasure Trail will pay out on combinations of Gold and Diamonds. After this comes the Skull and Crossbones, and the Treasure Chest. Then comes the Dubloons, which is the best symbol for a number of reasons. One, because three of it will trigger the jackpot. Two, because a single Dubloon acts as a Wild symbol, doubling the value of any pay line it completes, and Three, because if you get two Dubloons on the payline, the payout is quadrupled.

Following the Treasure Trail to Riches

This game has no bonus round, but there's a strategy you can employ to get the most out of it. And that strategy is: bet 3 coins. It's true that it costs more to play this way, but consider what the top jackpot is worth: hitting it on a single coin pays out 15% of the total progressive. Hitting on 2 pays out 25%. The only way to get 100% of the massive progressive jackpot is to play 3 coins.