Spin Your Reels Slots

There are so many different kinds of slots online, and one of the major differences between online slot machines is the number of reels. The reels are the vertical moving columns that spin to give you a horizontal winning payline. There are slots with 3, 5 and 7 reels and which one you choose is a matter of choice.

Go Classic with 3 Reel Slots

3 Reel Slots are the most famous slot, a classic from the days when Las Vegas was Sinatra’s town and resembling the very first slot machine; invented in 1887. Even if you prefer the slots that hold true in this classic, you will find a variety of features and choices. Just because you like to kick it old school, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on multi paylines and multiple coin options or instantly boosting winning payouts. Each 3 Reel Slot game provides you with a unique gaming experience.

Like Double Gold Slots , a single payline slot machine, which means that payouts occur on the center payline only. The Wild Symbol is the Double Gold Symbol and it will be any symbol you need to complete your winning 3 Symbol combination.

Experience the Excitement of 5 Reel Video Slots

5 reel video slots are the most popular slot machine format online. These slots often come with fun themes and excellent graphics to add to your gaming experience. These games use flash software to add movement and excitement to the game. Whether it be a silver comic hero surfing across the screen or dancing fruit, there is a high entertainment value to these games. The variety of this style of slot is endless, including bonus slots, progressive machines, multiline and multiplier games. There is a 5 reel video slot for every taste, gaming style, and mood.

You can choose from fun themes that suit your interests or seasonal themes like Winter Wonderland Slots . This is an exciting video slot game perfect to play in winter with a cup of hot cocoa. There are a variety of features to warm you, with stylish and cool graphics, 5-reels, and 20 pay-line games; giving you many chances to win. 3 Skiers make a great team on any active pay-line and guarantee a win. 3 Snowflakes win you 15 Free Spins, and a 3x multiplier. And you can keep wining free spins during your free spins to keep the playing going.

Try 7 Reel Video Slots – New to Online Gaming

One of the new additions to your online gaming choices is the 7 reel video slot. The 7 reel games play very much like their 3 and 5 reel counterparts. The main difference is that the board has seven columns (reels) and three rows. Still they do have a few unique features. The biggest difference is the pay table. Hit 3 or more symbols in a line to win and different symbols win you different amounts. To date, 7 reel games have just seven pay lines and no bonus features. But their simplicity is one of their main draws since it makes them so easy to understand and even easier to play.

Lucky 7s Slots is a 7 reel slot with 7 paylines. You can play one $0.01 coin or the max of 7 $10.00 coins. Whether you bet $0.01 coin or $10.00 coin, it’s a good idea to play 7 coins so you don’t miss any winning combination by letting a payline remain out of play.

Choose Your Reels

So the choice is yours! But whether you play 3, 5 or 7 reel slots, you will be playing a game full of excitement and entertainment. And all of the games mentioned above, as well as many other slot choices, waiting for you to take them out for a spin.