Let Em Ride Win

A Cafe Casino player was able to go sleep happy and with a big smile on his face after winning a massive table games jackpot. The casino player Jason, who is from Wisconsin, started the night playing the Let ‘Em Ride table game and was loyally rewarded.

How He Won

Casino player Jason won by putting down the top wager for Let ‘Em Ride table game of $500. This was placed on the ante, and he went on to raise both streets in this video poker game. His gamble paid off, and Jason found himself the owner of a special hand called the Royal Flush. In Let ‘Em Ride video poker, the Royal Flush pays out 1000:1 based on the amount wager. Since the player had wagered the maximum amount of $500, he won a massive $1,501,500 as prize money. This was a joyous celebration for the player and the casino to see a huge $1.5 Million win on a table game.

About Café Casino

Café Casino has a variety of games, especially slots and table games. Let ‘Em Ride tale game is popular with the game involving three cards dealt to the player which are face up. Another two cards are dealt face down. The first of the two cards are turned over, and the player can choose to either raise or pass after the first card. Players can then see the second card depending their choice. At least a pair of tens are required in your hand to collect a win and continue to the next level. Café Casino does have a signup or welcome bonus which is worth an extra $5000 to play with.