Player Wins Huge Bitcoin Jackpot

Not all of us where able to start to become Bitcoin millionaires by buying bitcoin when it first was made, and waiting for the price of it to rise. There were a couple of people who did this and were able to retire. However, for the rest of us, it is possible to use the little bitcoin that is at our disposal to wager in Bitcoin casinos, and win games. A huge bitcoin win became a reality for one fortunate player at Bitcoin Video Casino where it is possible to enjoy casino gaming with bitcoins. This player was able to win a massive bitcoin jackpot while playing slots at this casino.

Massive Bitcoin Win

Bitcoin Video Casino has announced recent news about a massive wins by one of its players while playing slots in the online casino. The player is anonymous and only known by his handle, "#28ea0d38e1" and was able to receive a big payout of bitcoins from the casino. The win happened after the player placed a 0.1 BTC wager on the casino's Slots game for bitcoin players. Soon the casino slots game had declared a jackpot win and paid out a massive bitcoin win of 259.75 BTC on 7 lines. Just imagine what could be done with this amount of bitcoin in your life. With the current bitcoin exchange rate, this player was able to win over $300,000 with just making wagers with bitcoins on a sltos game. This is also said to be one of the biggest wins for an online bitcoin casino since bitcoin started to become popular.

Bitcoin Video Casino

The launch of Bitcoin Video Casino began in 2012 and since then it has paid out lots of bitcoins which is the equivalent of over hundreds of thousands of dollars paid to its casino players in the form of bitcoin jackpots. The casino has seen significant wins with other payouts in the past being a jackpot win of 765.65 BTC on 8 lines in 2014, which was won after the player submitted a 0.2 BTC wager.

Bitcoin Video Casino offers a video poker, slots, dice, blackjack, roulette, craps, Keno and dice games. The casino does provide a Las Vegas experience for anyone wanting to use bitcoins to play casino games. However, unlike with other casinos, Bitcoin Video Casino will allow players to play games anonymously because registration is not really required to play. Any player who wins can look forward to winnings being instantly credited back to them using the fast payout system of cryptocurrency when you play at Bitcoin Video Casino.