Bitcoin Video Casino

About five to ten years ago it was unheard of to talk about using Bitcoin inside an online casino. These days, a casino that offers Bitcoin is one of the major criteria that new players are looking for. It is no surprise now that there are casinos that offer Bitcoin (BTC) as the sole payment method. One of these casinos is Bitcoin Video Casino. This is an online casino which makes it easier for players around the world to enjoy online casino games and use bitcoin as the payment option. You can play Bitcoin Video Casino using desktop, tablet, or smartphone. There is even an Android App to download and get started. The casino does not require players to register to enjoy games, you can just begin as long you have some Bitcoins.

About Bitcoin

With a name such as Bitcoin Video, it is obvious this online casino is about using bitcoin cryptocurrency to play video-based casino games. Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency, and the first one made. It continues to hold as the most popular even though there are other cryptocurrencies out there. This is a form of digital cash or digital currency, so players are not able to physically own Bitcoins as they would dollars or cents. This digital cash is a decentralized form of payment, and the owners of it have more freedom in how they can use it. It does require an electronic Bitcoin wallet to send these digital coins to Bitcoin Video Casino.

About Provably Fair Casinos

Bitcoin Video Casino is not only a bitcoin casino, but it is also a Provably Fair casino. The Provably Fair system was created in such a way to ensure that casino players were not be cheated, and that certain online casinos could be trusted. For example, players will be able to check if the deck of cards in table games or the roll of the die in dice games is done so fairly. Some corrupt casinos might have it so that the House wins with every roll of the dice, but not so with Provably Fair Casinos. The games are setup in such a way to mimic the randomness and chances to be found when playing in regular casinos. The Provably Fair system is ideal for casinos that use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash. Overall, with a random number generator, a casino member is able to receive fair play in a Provably Fair casino.

Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

Bitcoin Video Casino is a very easy online casino to navigate. It does not require players to go through a registration process. Instead, when players come to the online casino site they can try with test credits to get a feel for how this online bitcoin casino works. Test credits are the equivalent of fun play mode or demo mode. The casino will provide a casino Bitcoin wallet address. You will just have to send Bitcoins to this address to make real Bitcoin wagers instead of just test credits. You will also have to do through the authentication process before you begin playing.

You will need your personal Bitcoin wallet to send and receive this digital currency. A wallet and address can be obtained from many places online. You can also use software on your computer as a Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoins can be obtained by mining them, but this is a very difficult process, so most people will purchase these coins from an online digital currency exchange. Fiat currency such as dollars or Euros can be exchanged to Bitcoins using a bank account, debit card or credit card. The bitcoins will be sent from your personal Bitcoin wallet to the Bitcoin wallet address provided by the casino. Each of these addresses are unique, and will be credited for you to begin playing. Do not forget to save a copy of your casino Bitcoin wallet address so you can continue to send deposits to it. Casino players will only have to do the opposite to make a withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal is 0.001 BTC. Any player that requires help can receive it by emailing customer support or contacting the casino on social media.

Bitcoin Video Casino Games

The games at this casino are what you would see as types of games in other online casinos. Players can choose from Video Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Keno, Slots, and Dice games. Players will be able to see how many games have been played and the current jackpot amount. Some of the games with the biggest jackpots include Keno Slots and Video Poker with jackpots between 90 BTC to 200 BTC. Currently, the most played games were Dice, Slots, and Roulette. Players will not see the regular casino provider software in Bitcoin Video casino. Instead, this is proprietary software created by the casino. Overall, players can expect a good RTP.

Bonus Promotion

There are a few promotions available for those who play at Bitcoin Video Casino. For example, the casino provides 100 test credits for players to try out the games and see how the casino operates. These 100 credits have no equivalent to bitcoins or mBTC.

The casino also has a referral bonus for players. This is a way to let other people know about the casino, and how much fun you are having. You will be provided with a referral link to send to your friends. When your friends use the link to make a deposit of bitcoin currency into the casino, you will receive a bonus. Players can use this to increase their House Edge. For example, referring 9 people gives a 5% House Edge increase, but referring over 100 people will give a 25% House Edge increase. You can see how lucrative this bonus can be.

Bitcoin Video Casino App

The Bitcoin Video Casino App is worth downloading for those who Android tablets or phones. This is a free app to be used to play and deposit into Bitcoin Video Casino. It is just a matter of downloading the app by clicking the link from the website. The casino also provides a QR code to be scanned if this is easier for you.

Navigate To This Casino

Now that you know more about this casino, you can navigate and begin to play at Bitcoin Video Casino. Everyone is welcome as long as they have bitcoins to deposit for real currency wagers.