Favorite Casino Games Around the World

It might be tempting to think because we have a preference for slots game or table games that this is common in the rest of the world, but this is not true. It has been shown how different countries will have favorite casino games specific to that country. In some cases, a favorite type of casino game might be played in one part of the country compared to another. Here are some examples of favorite casino games around the world.

United States

To understand what the favorite casino games are in the United States, you would only have to travel to Las Vegas to do so. In Las Vegas, the gaming capital of the United States, and the casino capital of the world, there is a strong favorite for slots or slot machines. Even before leaving the plane and entering the airport, visitors will discover slot machines to play. There are over 70 casinos in Las Vegas to play slots with almost half of them located on the Vegas strip. Hundreds of thousands of people visit Vegas each year to enjoy the slots.


America's neighbors to the north does have its favorite casino games. Like the United States, there is a big preference for Canadians to play slots games. These slot machines will work overtime at the casino. However, Blackjack is more popular in Canada, and there are more blackjack tables at the casinos because of this. Slots and blackjack will draw the biggest crowds in Canada.

France and Europe

If we were to swing over to the right of the globe, and visit France and parts of Europe, it can quickly become evident that Blackjack is not as popular here as in Canada. Slots games do have a lot of fans in this part of the world, but the French will be quick to say the favorite game here is French Roulette. If you have not played French Roulette, then you will see it is not the same as American Roulette, as French Roulette will give players a better odds at winning when playing the French version. More casino revenue is generated by French Roulette in this part of the world.


It may or may not be surprising what the favorite game might be in Macau. It is also known as Asia's Las Vegas and it has the biggest casino in the world. Macau is known for its VIP players, wild and large wagers and crazy odds, and the favorite casino game in this part of the world is Baccarat. It is specifically VIP Baccarat, and this game fuels a large portion of the revenue in this area. Another popular casino in Macau is Punto Banco, which players must decide to place a wager on themselves, the banker or both. This is favorite to try at Macau casinos.


With a quick trip to Singapore, it would be interesting to discover the favorite casino game is a local game known as Four Digits or 4-D. Four Digits is similar to the Pick 4 lottery games other parts of the world. Players must select the four single numbers they think will be drawn. The numbers range from 0000 up to 9999. The game will draw at least 23 number combinations, and all matching numbers which are drawn will win a prize. Four Digits is also popular in Malaysia.


On the final country around the world, it would be interesting to know what the favorite casino game is in Australia, the land down under. It is no surprise that the pokie or pokies are the favorites to play. Pokies are slot machines or slots, and they can be found anywhere in Australia. A high number of pokies are found in bars and pubs, where Australians enjoy playing. A very large percentage of the casino revenue is made from playing pokies in Australia.