Bovada Casino Launches Multi-Hand Blackjack

Bovada Casino has just announced exciting news which will appeal to those customers who love blackjack or table games, or anyone wanting something a little different. Bovada Casino now has multi-hand blackjack available to play, and this is available for USA players. This a chance to play more than one hand of blackjack at a time.

Understanding Multi-Hand Blackjack

Blackjack is also known as Twenty-One, and players will have a chance to win when they play this new game at Bovada. To get an understanding of multi-hand blackjack, anyone will be able to play up to three hands at per each game round. This works well for someone who is able to pay attention to different hands, and wanting to increase their chances of winning.

Multi-hand blackjack is a table game, and players are asked by the game to select between one to three hands to play at the start of the game. Each hand will require an ante to be placed in the pot and the hands are dealt after the player presses the “Deal” button. The player is dealt two cards as in regular single-hand blackjack. However, he or she will receive the amount of hands they have chosen. The rules would not be any different than what would be played during regular six-deck blackjack. Therefore, players of Bovada Casino multi-hand blackjack can choose to “hit” or “split” or “stand” during the game rounds. This online table game will also allow a “double down” if your hand needs a little help. Other selections to be made in Bovada multi-hand blackjack are “surrender” and “insurance.” Keep in mind each of the three hands you play will require a specific selection for each hand. You can try this new game on both desktop and mobile devices when you play multi-hand blackjack at Bovada Casino.