Get More out of Online Gaming with Bonus Slot Machines

Wolf Treasure Slots

There's more to slots than just spinning reels when you play Bonus Slot Machines. There are as many varieties of bonus games and ways to win free spins as there are Slot Machine themes, and choosing these Bonus Slots is a great way to add even more excitement to your gaming experience. Here are just a few examples of the Bonus Slot Machines you can find at Liberty Slots Casino.

Grab Your Guaranteed Win

Cash Grab Slots has 3 reels, 3 paylines and a Wild Card to increase your chances of winning. And when you play the Cash Grab Bonus Round you win, guaranteed! Activate the Bonus Round by hitting the Bonus Symbol on the centre payline. Then the Bonus Game launches with a brief intro, and then displays a number of money bags. Choose a bag of money and reveal your winnings. If you're happy with that amount, then collect your winnings and return to the reels. Or if you want to try for another amount, take your chances and try again. You return to the money bags and make another choice from the remaining bags. There are no empty bags - so you are sure to win.

Choose Your Bonus

What's Your Sign? Video Slots has 5 reels, 12 paylines and a fun Zodiac theme. Play all the paylines to increase your chances of hitting 3 Bonus Symbols and entering the Bonus round when you are, again, guaranteed a win! After the intro, the Zodiac Wheel will fill your screen and the Zodiac Symbols will flash randomly. You press the Stop Spin button, to stop the wheel and choose a Zodiac Symbol. Your sign will come out and display your prize and you can choose to either collect your prize or take a chance and spin again, up to two times. When your prize is determined, it is added to your casino balance.

Pursue Free Spins

Mermaid's Quest Slots had 5 reels, 9 paylines, Free Spins and an exciting multi-level Bonus Game. In the Bonus Round, you discover various under the sea treasures. Get 3 Bonus Mermaid Symbols on an active payline and, once again, you are guaranteed a Win in the Bonus Game! The Mermaid swims in the ocean on three different play-levels, one by one; from the Coral Reef to the Underwater Castle and finally the Sunken Ship. Each level has 8 treasure boxes. Choose a box to add the prize inside to your accumulated Bonus Game payout. All of your Bonus Game wins are based on the coins you have in play when you activate the Bonus Game and the prizes you choose in the Bonus Game, so if you play Mermaid's Quest Slots with a higher coin value, then your prizes in the Bonus Game will be higher.

In addition to a Mermaid's Quest Bonus Round, there are Free Spins to be won. Get 3 or more Scatter Symbols anywhere on the reels and win 10 Free Spins with a 2x multiplier. You can win more Free Spins during your Free Spins - in theory you could play a long time without have to place a bet.

There are a lot more exciting Bonus Slot Machines like these at Liberty Slots. All you have to do is choose which Bonus Game you want to play next.