Double Gold Slots

Let's say that you're a video slot fan, but you're not crazy about five reel slots. Maybe you find them too loud. Maybe you don't like multiple pay lines. Maybe you just miss the simplicity and enjoyment of a traditional three reel one armed bandit.

Except that you've tried the five reel machines, and you kind of like their extra features. In particular, you like how that Wild symbol keeps saving the day.

Well, now there's a three reel slot just for you: Double Gold. It manages to retain everything that's good about a classic three reel video slot while simultaneously adding some of the best features of bonus-laden five reel games. Try it for yourself at Lincoln Casino today - you don't even need to download anything: you can play the game right there in your web browser.

Something Old, Something New

Despite the extra features, Double Gold works as you would expect a three reel slot to. For the beginners, though, you'll be presented with a simulation of a three reel machine.

Wrapped around each reel is a strip of symbols. You place a bet of between one and three coins, and hit the Spin Reels button, causing them to whirl round. If the same symbols line up on each reel when they come to a stop, you win.

There is benefit in betting 3 coins rather than one, as most prizes will be larger this way. However, the game allows you to set the cash value of each coin between 10c and $10, so you can access that multi-coin benefit without hurting your bankroll if you'd like.

See The Big Wins Coming

The game's set of symbols follows strictly traditional lines. Minimal wins are assigned when a Cherry lands anywhere on the pay line - it's the only symbol which guarantees an automatic win, but appearances of two and three Cherries are, of course, worth more.

The next three most valuable symbols are (in order of value) the Single, Double and Triple bars. The game will pay out if you land a line that's made up of a mix of different bars, though.

The second most powerful symbol is the Red Seven, which only pays out if you get three on a line. And finally, the Double Gold Logo, which is the game's top prize ... and has a few other tricks up its sleeve.

Maximizing Your Bonus Potential

There isn't a special bonus round in Double Gold, but there features you should be aware of that can maximize your winnings. The Double Gold Logo symbol is Wild - a feature borrowed from 5-reel games - which means it can plug the gaps in a winning combo when a symbol is missing.

It's also a multiplier - it doubles the value of every win it's a part of.

For example, suppose you hit 2 Red 7s, and a third wasn't forthcoming, but a Double Gold dropped into place instead. Far from losing, you would now win as though you had 3 Red 7s. But you'd also win twice the value of a triple Red 7 win!