Two Top Mobile Tournaments Coming in April

Going mobile with slot games is getting more and more popular all the time. Now there are two chances to take part in a mobile-based tournament this coming April, and we've got news on them both here.

Where are these tournaments taking place?

Both tournaments can be entered at either Liberty Slots or Lincoln Casino. This means you have a chance to win additional prizes if you are able to get involved with the tournaments on your mobile device.

Find out more about the $1,000 Mobile Gold tournament

This is the first of the two mobile tournaments to find out more about. This will be available at both the casinos mentioned above. You can pay just $5 to enter the tournament and you will have a shot at winning the $500 top prize!

The game in use for this tournament is called Triple Gold. This is a hugely popular slot game and it is now available on mobile devices for the very first time. This is why it has been chosen for the Mobile Gold tournament, to ensure lots of people are able to try it and see what all the fun is about. Will you take part in this great tournament? It runs between April 14th and April 21st, so mark those days in your diary!

Find out about the Mobile Chicken tournament too

Yes, we really did say that - the Mobile Chicken tournament also takes place during April. The dates for this one are between April 21st to April 28th, so you can take part in the Mobile Gold tournament the week before, and then take part in this one on the day the previous one ends.

This tournament also takes place at Liberty Slots and Lincoln Casino, which means you can either use your existing account to log in, if you have one, or sign up for the sites for the first time. Make your choice of which site to join and go from there.

The slot game used for this tournament is Funky Chicken. $1,000 is up for grabs in this tournament, and the first prize for the first-placed person is a huge $500. Will you be the lucky person to make the most of this slot game and take the top prize during the tournament?

Whatever you decide to do, and even if you try both tournaments, we're sure you will have a superb time.