Fat Cat Bonus Game Turned into a Winner for Liberty Slots Player

If you have ever played a selection of online slots, you will be very familiar with the inclusion of bonus rounds. While not all slot games have these rounds, many of them do, and plenty of players really enjoy them.

One player in particular has good reason to love bonus rounds. Katherine H was playing Fat Cat slots on the Liberty Slots website at the start of the recent Easter weekend, when she won a five-figure sum during the bonus round. The total amount she won on that round was an incredible $18,800!

How does the bonus round work in Fat Cat?

Just in case you are now thinking of having a go yourself, let's see how the bonus round pans out in that particular game. When the bonus round loads, you are presented with a number of money bags - eight in all. You have to choose them and keep on choosing them to reveal instant bonuses. These bonuses are all cash too, so unlike other games that might offer multipliers or free spins as well, there is a clear perk to playing this game.

Katherine H managed to total nearly $20,000 in bonuses from the money bags she revealed, which is great news for her. She was playing on Good Friday, and as she said, it really was a Good Friday in her case.

Why are bonus rounds so popular?

A good slot game will have an enjoyable base game, but it will also have the added bonus of a bonus level. Some of the more complex games might even have more than one bonus round - it depends on the individual game.

The bonus level is always associated with the theme of the main game. For example, the Fat Cat game is related to money. Fat Cat is one of the main characters and he has a girlfriend called Kitty Cat. They both love money and you will see this is the case as the symbols are related to such things. If you manage to find three dollar signs on the reels, as Katherine H did, you will get a chance to play the bonus round and choose from the money bags on the screen.

Katherine certainly got a real winner while playing Fat Cat at Liberty Slots. Maybe you could be as lucky if you pick this bonus game or another similar one and strike it lucky.