Liberty Slots Casino Player Deposits $25 Wins $100,000

For some people being lucky just means being in the right place at the right time. This was true for a very lucky Liberty Slots Casino player who started off with logging in and depositing only $25 to his account. This player was able to convert his $25 deposit into a big jackpot win of nearly $100,000.

How He Did It

The player Adam S. was a member of Liberty Slots Casino since 2013 and played regularly online. Adam said he was not a skilled slots player or a professional casino player, but just like many other players, he just played for fun. He would often log into his casino account a few times during the week to play his favorite slots games, and believed in taking advantage of the weekly bonus offered to redeem it for a 100% matched bonus.

On the night he won, Adam S. had approximately $50 to play with, as he was given a extra $25 as a matched bonus. This is the regular amount he would usually play throughout the night. What he did was start by placing a few minimum wagers, and then increased the amount he wagered on the reels. By doing so, he was able to go up to the max bet and was fortunate enough to match 5 different symbols on at least three different paylines while he was playing Mile High Slots. He also benefited from the bonus round in the Mile High slots game. Player Adam S. also did not stop playing when his account received an additional $35,000 in winnings. Instead, he tried his luck on other slot games such as Shaaark, Fat Cat, and Lucky Lady Slots. These games gave him huge wins and eventually brought his balance up to $97,000. Liberty Slots Casino Player Adam S. was speechless as he'd never won this amount in such a short time. He just credited a deposit of $25 as he normally would, and was able to see approximately $97,000 in his casino account by the end of the night.

Play Funky Chicken Slots Bonus to Celebrate

To celebrate Adam’s success, Liberty Slots Casino has launched a new bonus matched 200% to play Funky Chicken slots. Players can enjoy an additional 100 free spins using coupon code: CHICKENSPINS to redeem this bonus. Funky Chicken slots is a WGT game with 25 paylines and up to a 10x multiplier during the free spins feature.