Red White and Win Slots

Red, White and Win is an extremely patriotic, pro-United States of America video slot game. If you love the Stars & Stripes as much as you love video slots, you should definitely check out this classic three reeler. It's a good, solid game that doesn't get overly fussy with excessive animations and zoomy sound effects. In fact, on the face of it, it seems just like a standard three reel simulation of a one armed bandit. But there's a lot under the hood of this game. In fact, a couple of spins of Red, White and Win could turn you into a millionaire, because it features one of the fattest progressive jackpot in town. If you fancy having a seven figure bank roll, play Red, White and Win today at Liberty Slots Casino. Downloading their software is free for Windows-based PCs, and Apple Mac owners can play this game right on the LibertySlots Flash Casino website.

The Pledge of Allegiance

Being that this is such a stripped down, streamlined game, you shouldn't have much trouble getting to grips with it. In the first place, it accepts only one coin size: $2.50. Your only real decision as how many coins to play on each spin. Once you've decided on the size of your wager, just hit the Spin button to set the reels in motion. If, when the reels come to rest, the symbols on them line up with each other, you win a prize. And if three US flags line up, you win a really, really BIG prize.

The Look of Success

Red, White and Win features a broad selection of symbols to keep things interesting. One unique feature: this game has two Scatter symbols where most only have one. The Scatters are the Eagle and the Statue of Liberty - even one of either of the symbols triggers an instant win. After this, you've got single, and double and triple Bars decked out in red white and blue. Triple Bars are worth more than single Bars, but the game will pay out for mismatched Bars. Next up are Sevens and George Washington, with the most valuable symbol in the game being the American flag.

The Big Red White and Blue Payoff

Red, White and Blue doesn't feature a special bonus round. Instead, it has a progressive jackpot which, at the time of writing, was worth well over $1 million. If you want to play this game seriously, the progressive jackpot should be your aim. If you trigger the jackpot on a single coin bet, you only win 5% of whatever the current total is. A double coin bet gives you 10%. You can only trigger the full jackpot by playing three coins on each spin - this is the path to success.