Mega Money Mine Slots

The first time you take a look at Mega Money Mine, it may not be instantly apparent why this game is so hugely popular. On the face of it, it appears to be a standard three reel video slot. Some of the symbols that it uses a unique, but for the most part, it works as you would expect it to.

So why are so many people playing Mega Money Mine? The answer is simple: it features a progressive jackpot that regularly crawls into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hit the top jackpot, and this game has the potential to payout much higher than any other video slot in the casino.

Take Mega Money Mine for a spin today - you can download it for free from Liberty Slots Casino, or play it right there in the web browser if you're using a public machine.

Head Down the Mega Money Mineshaft

Mega Money Mine is an easy game to get the hang of. Like most games in this genre it's as simple as feed in some money and set the reels spinning.

Mega Money Mine is a fairly unique video slot in that it does not allow you to set the size of the coins are going play. Each coin is fixed in value at $1.50. So it's not the cheapest slot out there, but neither is it the most expensive: playing on maximum coin will set you back $4.50 per spin.

The aim of the game is to spin the three reels and get three identical symbols to line up on the pay line when they come to a halt. Winnings are paid out depending on what symbols you've managed to line up.

Fabulous Riches At the Bottom of the Mine

Mega Money Mine has a fairly decent symbol set. A single gold bar will pay out wherever it lands, combination or not. After that, you looking for a line of cherries.

Diamonds are the next most valuable symbol, followed by the pair of digging Spades. Next up is a row of Sevens, followed by a row of Golden Bars. And the Mega Money Mine logo is the top earner of the set.

Maximizing Your Mining Profits

This game doesn't feature any gimmicks like bonus rounds, but it does feature a fairly significant progressive jackpot. However, in order to qualify for the progressive jackpot, you need to be playing at least three coins per spin. Since this jackpot regularly climbs over the hundred thousand dollar mark, there's really no reason not to.