All over the web, casino mavens are looking for a good way to transfer money to their favorite casinos in a safe, secure and immediate manner. It can be difficult to wait while wire transfers go through or get through the annoyances of trying to manage credit card fees after making a deposit. Fortunately, a new payment system has sprung up and is rapidly gaining in popularity, particularly because it is open to US players as well as international gamers.

Usemywallet is a unique system in that to use it, players must be invited to do so by a casino. This allows both sides to dramatically increase the level of trust in the relationship, and for the casinos it offers an additional bonus of reducing fraudulent account activity. To secure an invitation, players simply need to register with their favorite casino and then contact the customer service department to indicate that they would like a Usemywallet account.

Within 2 days, an invitation should arrive via email, with links to the appropriate forms. Following the forms through to their natural completion and making your initial deposit will get the account moving. After that, you are free to play as you wish.

Naturally, not every casino on the web is advanced enough to be using this new system. Some of the most customer friendly casinos who are using Usemywallet are many RTG casinos. For those who have not played with these advanced and customer oriented casinos before, here is a brief overview of what you can expect to find at each one.