Pay Dirt Slots

Pay Dirt Slots

Pay Dirt is a very special, very rich kind of slot. On the face of it, it appears to be a traditional three reel slot - and in many respects, that's exactly what it is. There's no Wild symbol, no Scatter, and no special bonus round. So why is this one of the most popular games at Liberty Slots Casino? The answer is that Pay Dirt features a progressive jackpot that regularly climbs into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Historically, it's even topped $1 million before.

Take your shot at ultimate riches by playing Pay Dirt at Liberty Slots US Casino today. You don't even need to download the software to your computer if you don't want to - you can play Pay Dirt right inside your web browser.

Hitting the Pay Dirt

Because of its highly specialised nature, playing Pay Dirt is dead simple. While the game has lots of different possible payouts, you need to be playing this with the single-minded mission of hitting the progressive jackpot.

So, you've got three reels in front of you, all covered in cash-related images. This game takes dollar coins - no other coin sizes are acceptable. Bet between one and three coins (bigger bets are advisable) and hit the Spin Reels button. If matching symbols line up when the reels stop spinning, you'll be in the money.

What Real Money Looks Like

The symbol set for Pay Dirt is in fact quite simple. There is a Scatter symbol in the form of an Eye in the Pyramid symbol, such as you find on dollar bills. Even one of these on the pay line triggers a win, but it's also the game's second most valuable combination if you get three of them.

After that, you looking for three Cherries, three single Bars, three double Bars or three Green 7s. Pay Dirt does not pay out for mismatched combinations of Bars.

And the most valuable symbol in the game is a Fistful of Dollars.

How to Rake In the Cash

The main feature of this game is its progressive jackpot. Every time you place a bet, a small slice of it is siphoned off into a separate pool. This pool is contributed to by every single person playing Pay Dirt around the world, which is why it reaches the hundred thousand dollar mark so easily.

If you hit the top winning combo in this game while playing only a single coin bet, you win 15% of whatever the total progressive jackpot currently is. On a two coin bet, you win 25%.

The only way to win the total progressive jackpot outright is to hit the top combo while playing a three coin bet. For this reason, and because all other wins are also tripled compared to a single coin bet, you should never play this game on less than three coins.