Online Casinos Now Using Various Software Providers

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The trend now shows online casinos that have become established using at least more than one casino software program. In the past it was the norm for a casino owner to use only one specific software to supply all of the gaming needs of a casino. However, this is not the same anymore and casinos are now using one, two or even three different types of casino software providers for games for their customers.

Why the Change?

The change in online casino using various software providers reflects the changes in the tastes of the customers who use online casinos. For example, so many new slots games are being released by different casino software providers for online slots that an online casino must offer from a variety of sources to keep customers happy. This also reflects the level of competition that is currently available. If online casino players are not getting their favorite games and are not interested in what slot games you have to offer, they can quickly and easily go elsewhere with a click of button.

Online Casino Software Providers

Some examples of the online software providers for casinos to choose from include Microgaming, IGT, Playtech and Real Time Gaming. Microgaming is used to power over 150 online casinos. IGT is known for its popular Cleopatra Slots game. Playtech is the creator of the well known Gladiator Slots. Real Time Gaming or RTG is used by over 100 casinos.