New Jersey Might Ban Online Gambling

The fight in D.C. has now spilled over to the area of online gambling. This is in regards to a bill which was passed which allowed online gambling in states such as New Jersey. However, lawmakers in Washington are considering whether this bill should be overturned.

New Jersey

When the bill was passed in 2011, states weere given the opportunity to allow Internet gambling to state residents. At least two other states, Delaware and Nevada also provide online gambling to its residents. The state of New Jersey has seen an increase in revenue as a result of this to help with the slump at Atlantic City casinos.

Proposed Changes

With lawmakers in Washington discussing whether the previous ruling should be overturned could result in a ban on online gambling for all states. Proponents for the ban state it is not possible to prevent children or minors from accessing Internet gambling websites. States would also have to convince lawmakers that it is possible to only allow online gambling in states which offer it such as New Jersey, and residents of other states where online gambling is banned would not be able to play there. Proponents for the ban are not convinced online casino owners can prevent other state residents from playing at casinos online.